"WOOF! A unique opportunity to control your own replica house robot. This limited edition range has amazing detail and is 40cms long. Complete with exclusive Robot Wars radio controlled handset Children and adults alike will be able to recreate battles in the schoolyard, living room or office."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Growler radio controlled toy was one of the most expensive of the House Robots at £59.99-£79.99. It's very fast (due to the real life counterpart being very quick) and has a recharge time of five hours. Two rear wheels beneath it drive the robot, with two at the front doing the steering with two additional wheels underneath near the front to help balance the toy. However, this gives the robot a manoeuvrability disadvantage. The eyes also light up when the robot moves in any direction.

  • The remote controlled Growler with the remote and charger
  • RC Growler in its box
  • The Growler RC next to The Grim Reaper in the pits in Series 7

These robots were meant for battling the other RC house robot toys, and are strong and sturdy to reduce the risk of breakages. Like all other radio controlled house robot toys, the weapons are functional. In Growler's case, the upper jaw will open and close, operated by remote. Similarly to the other RC toys barring Tornado and Sergeant Bash, Growler does not have an immobilising hotspot, making it difficult to immobilise.


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