"Customise your HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots and let the games begin! Build a competitor of your own design using custom kinetic armour and weaponry, then try to knock your opponent off the elevated platform! Vibration technology means your Clusterbots manoeuvre skillfully across the stadium and the elevated stadium perfectly balances your Clusterbots emphasising the need to formulate a winning strategy."
— Product page on the Smyths website

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium is a playset released by HEXBUG in June 2018. The playset is priced at £19.99 and is recommended at years 3+.

The stadium is a light blue three pronged propeller with black stands for each branch. The arena has tracks in the middle and sloped sides in order to contain the clusterbots when they move. In the middle there is a lowered section that gives robots a better opportunity to push opponents off the stadium, which would be considered a victory during play. The sides of the stadium are curved in an effort to keep the Clusterbots inside the stadium without falling off.

The stadium itself must be built from scratch out of the box, connecting the blue platform from three separate pieces, with six supporting legs to be attached underneath.

Clusterbots Edit

"25+ pieces enabling you to re-design your Clusterbots by customising their appearance with the coloured plastic removable pieces included"
— Product page on the Smyths website
  • Alter Ego
  • Warp
  • Sparkplug
  • Cold Front

The playset comes with two "Clusterbots" which are repurposed HEXBUGS, though bigger than the HEXBUG nano range. HEXBUGS are vibration-powered insect-like toys, which free-roam when powered on, steered only by the vibrations their legs make upon contact with the surface they are placed on.

The red Clusterbot is called Warp and the Blue Clusterbot is called Alter Ego. All Clusterbots sport small holes for adding weapons onto. These weapons include static spikes, drills, side skirts, wedges, twin spinning discs, a spinning bar and what is seemingly a spinner like the asymmetrical bar of Apex. Through vibration, the saws and drill weapons are able to move or spin when the Clusterbots are powered on, while all other weapons are static. The amount of interchangeable weapons that are packaged with the Clusterbots toys (5-6) is greater than the amount of weapons which will fit onto the toys at any one time.

Two additional clusterbots called Cold Front and Sparkplug sporting a light blue and orange colour scheme respectively, were released as singles (along with Alter Ego and Warp) and could be brought separately at a recommended retail price of £7.99. These sported a slightly different variety of weapons.


  • Although the toys are named "Clusterbots", they bear no relation to the definition of Clusterbots on the televised show, referring to smaller robots which work co-operatively as a team. Instead, the Clusterbots toys competitively work against each other.

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