"Since we didn't enter Series 4 (we were going to use the same robot as series 3), we decided it was time for another change. This time we kept most of the chassis (but re-shaped it into a wedge), got rid of the skirt at the rear of the robot, created new electronics, and went from electric-powered weaponry to pneumatic."
— Team Website

Haardervark was a robot that failed to qualify for Series 5 and 6 of Robot Wars. It was a thin-fronted box-wedge design with interchangeable weaponry. This consisted of a choice between either a pneumatic flipping arm, an electric-driven circular saw (exactly the same type as the diamond-edged Chop Saw wielded by Dead Metal) mounted on a pneumatic moveable arm, and hardened steel lifting forks. It also had a crumple zone to prevent crushers from crushing it and maintained the artwork on the outer shell that its Series 3 predecessor did. It is currently unknown how Haardervark failed to qualify.

The team previously entered Series 2 and 3 with the much more successful Haardvark machine.

  • Haardervark, with disc and flipping attachment
  • Haardervark at the Series 6 Qualifiers
  • Haardervark in 2002

Series Record

  • Series 1: Did not enter
  • Series 2-3: Entered with Haardvark
  • Series 4: Did not enter
  • Series 5-6: Failed to qualify
  • Series 7: Did not enter
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