Hammer & Tong was a robot that competed exclusively in the fourth series of Robot Wars. It was a chunky six-wheel drive skid-steer robot in clear polycarbonate armour.

Its unique weapon consisted of a scavenged lifting arm that concealed a large spike. When the arm was raised, the spike was brought out, whereby the arm could be brought down again as a spiked axe. The spike would then tuck away when in contact with the ground, so that it would also act as a flipper. When the spike was out and exposed, it bore a resemblance to the weapon of Tiberius in Series 4. The weapon was the only one to have an actual conversion process, despite it merely being a spike that sheathed into the arm when lowered. Both weapons were potent, often producing recoil strong enough to throw Hammer & Tong into the air, but didn't cause a lot of damage and didn't manage to flip any of its opponents.

Despite this innovative weaponry, Hammer & Tong didn't fare too greatly in competition, reaching the second round before being beaten into submission by the 30th seeds Stinger. The robot never appeared again in Robot Wars, although the team are known to have created a machine under the name Hammer & Tong 2. It is unknown whether or not it attempted to qualify for the show, but it did compete in at least one live event where it battled against Stinger again in a demonstration, and used its weapon to pick it up.

Robot History

Series 4

In its first round melee for the Fourth Wars, the newcomers Hammer & Tong went up against fellow newcomers Clawed Hopper and the number 14 seeds Bigger Brother. Hammer & Tong made it through this round without doing much at all due to the fact that the walkerbot Clawed Hopper was constantly picked on and eventually flipped over onto its back by Bigger Brother, Hammer & Tong then got stuck on Bigger Brother's flipper through the rest of the fight, as the house robots finished off Clawed Hopper, but Hammer & Tong wasn't flipped by the seeded machine and didn't suffer any damage at all from this, cease was eventually called and Hammer & Tong went through to the next round of the heat along with Bigger Brother. Hammer & Tong then went up against the number 30 seeds Stinger in the second round. The thwackbot managed to get a few good hits on Hammer & Tong, with a sluggish Hammer & Tong doing nothing in retalliation. Those few hits from Stinger caused serious internal damage, and it wasn't long before Hammer & Tong started to slow down until it became completely immobilised. The house robots later tore at the transparent armour and placed Hammer & Tong on the floor flipper, with Hammer & Tong landing upside down. Cease was soon called afterwards and Hammer & Tong was eliminated from the competition.

"Cosmetic damage to Hammer & Tong? As they say Mount Vesuvius is a firework!"
— Jonathan Pearce


Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Final
Heat J, Eliminator vs. Bigger Brother (14), Clawed Hopper Qualified
Heat J, Semi-Final vs. Stinger (30) Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

  • Series 1-3: Did not enter
  • Series 4: Heat, Round 2
  • Series 5-7: Did not enter


  • Hammer & Tong is one of a few robots whose weapons had double functions. These included Reactor 2, Constrictor, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Lambsy and Eric. Curiously, all of the weapons could function as lifting weapons.
    • From these, Hammer & Tong was the only robot to have its weapon act as a spiked axe instead of jaws, though Anorakaphobia claimed to have the capabilities to hammer and flip.
  • It was also the first robot to have a dual acting weapon that actually worked.
  • Hammer & Tong is the only machine from Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat J not to have some honour to its name, and the only machine that failed to make any appearance beyond this heat.
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