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For the unrelated UK robot which failed to qualify for Series 6-7, see Hannibal (UK).

Hannibal was a competitor robot from Virginia which competed exclusively in Nickelodeon Robot Wars. It fought in and won the Annihilator on a judges' decision against Bunny Attack, becoming one of the few robots never to be defeated in competition.

Driver Will Tatman also fought in the Mayhem competition during Nickelodeon Robot Wars with the loanerbot Vert-I-Go.


Hannibal in the arena with its top-mounted grabbing spikes

Hannibal was an invertible gray box-shaped robot armed with a pair of lifting spikes as its main weapon. The lifter was intended to spear and lift opponents, and featured a removable pair of top spikes which were intended to grab and hold them in place. From the third round onwards, a plastic carrot was placed on the spikes in response to Bunny Attack's pledge to attack Hannibal in the final two rounds. Both Hannibal's lifting and static spikes weapons could only work properly if it was upright, and the robot itself suffered from reliability problems throughout much of the Annihilator due to its batteries not having enough charge to last whole bouts. However, its speed and pushing power - especially in the final round - ensured it was aggressive enough to win the tournament overall.

Hannibal was originally going to have an abrasive cutting disc set between the top spikes, allowing it to cut into opponents while they were clamped, but this was scrapped due to time constraints.


Hannibal was named after Hannibal Lecter, a fictional serial killer created by Thomas Harris for a series of suspense novels he authored. These novels would later be adapted into movies and television programs.

Hannibal was originally going to be named Hannibal Lexan, fitting more with this theme, but Mentorn asked the team to change it since Lexan is a brand name.[1]

Robot History[]


Hannibal fought exclusively in the Annihilator, alongside Bunny Attack, Techno Trousers, The Piecemaker and Basenji.

Hannibal in the midst of the action in Round 1

It stayed out of the initial action in the first round while Basenji pushed Bunny Attack into a CPZ, before pushing Techno Trousers around. It then attempted to push Bunny Attack, but ended up being rammed by Basenji before the latter immobilized Techno Trousers, and appeared to have become immobilized as well. Hannibal began smoking shortly afterwards, but progressed anyway as Techno Trousers was counted out by Refbot, spun around by Sir Killalot and placed onto the Floor Flipper by Sgt. Bash.

"And we've got a little traffic jam out in the center of the arena!"
Stefan Frank as Hannibal, Basenji and Bunny Attack gang up on The Piecemaker

Hannibal (top) stays out of trouble as Basenji pits itself

For the second round, Hannibal's grabbing spikes were removed, and again it started tentatively, spinning on the spot as Bunny Attack pushed and hammered The Piecemaker. It drove into Bunny Attack while Basenji pressed the pit release button, before it and Basenji pushed Bunny Attack into the wall as the latter tried to pin The Piecemaker against an angle grinder. Hannibal drove away, and tried to get its spikes under Basenji, but ended up being nudged towards the wall by Basenji before the latter accidentally drove itself into the pit.

Sparks fly as Hannibal pushes The Piecemaker into Dead Metal

With a carrot placed on its lifter, Hannibal began the third round much more strongly, getting under The Piecemaker almost immediately and pushing it into Dead Metal. Dead Metal sliced into The Piecemaker with his saw, before letting it go as Bunny Attack began pounding Hannibal's wheels and armor with its hammer. Both robots drove away, only for Bunny Attack to push Hannibal around the arena as its hammer detached and fell onto Hannibal's top panel.

"And Hannibal says it's hammer time as he drives away with the hammer!"
— Stefan Frank as Hannibal drives off with Bunny Attack's hammer

Bunny Attack's weapon breaks on the surface of Hannibal

Hannibal is stuck on the steam pit

The weaponless Bunny Attack proceeded to shove Hannibal onto the CO2 pit, before Hannibal pressed the Disc of Doom activation button. The two robots continued to shove and dodge each other even after Shunt came in to separate them, with Hannibal appearing to lose drive power as it drove over the CO2 pit again in the closing seconds. The battle went to a judges' decision, which nevertheless ruled against The Piecemaker. Will Tatman stated in the post-battle interview that he was planning to charge Hannibal's batteries up to give it four times more power, as a result of its previous drive problems.

Hannibal shoves Bunny Attack into Shunt

Hannibal withstands the hammer blows of Bunny Attack

In the Annihilator final, Hannibal and Bunny Attack approached each other, before Hannibal got underneath Bunny Attack with its spikes, its carrot splitting and becoming dislodged in the process. Both robots spun around before slamming into each other, with Hannibal using its bent spikes to push Bunny Attack into Shunt, who lifted and axed through Bunny Attack's fur. Bunny Attack escaped, only for Hannibal to push it into Shunt, the wall and Dead Metal in rapid succession, causing more damage to the fur. The two robots locked together again as Bunny Attack pushed Hannibal over the CO2 pit, with Hannibal again moving noticeably slower by the time 'cease' was called. The battle went to a judges' decision, which ruled in favor of Hannibal, making it the Nickelodeon Annihilator Champion.


Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Round 1 vs. Basenji, Bunny Attack, The Piecemaker, Techno Trousers Qualified
Round 2 vs. Basenji, Bunny Attack, The Piecemaker Qualified
Round 3 vs. Bunny Attack, The Piecemaker Qualified
Final vs. Bunny Attack Won


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 0

Series Record[]

Hannibal in the pits

US Series Hannibal Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Did not enter
Nickelodeon Annihilator Champion
Entered with Vert-I-Go

Outside Robot Wars[]

Team In-Theory also competed in the Lightweight Division of BattleBots Season 3.0 with Unlicensed Chiropractor but lost their only battle to Death By Monkeys.


Valkyrie, as seen in the programme

  • In the official programmes for Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, Will Tatman and Team In-Theory were listed as having a robot named Valkyrie. It is unknown what happened to Valkyrie, or if it was merely a prototype for Hannibal.
  • Team In-Theory were one of three American teams in Nickelodeon Robot Wars who did not compete in either season of Extreme Warriors, alongside Team S.S.S.L. and Team Born2Bot.
  • Hannibal had Unibite's logo on top of it.


Undefeated Robot (4 wins)