"This is Hawk Eye - it'll never let you out of its sight!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Hawk Eye is a middleweight competitor robot in the games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, undertaking very different guises in each appearance.

Arenas of DestructionEdit

In Arenas of Destruction, Hawk Eye's weapons are a flamethrower and some lifting forks and it is armoured in Kevlar. It cannot self-right if flipped.


Using Hawk EyeEdit

Hawk Eye needs to avoid flippers at all costs, as it is an unstable shape with a high ground clearance. If problems begin to ensue, then retreat from the opponent, firing the flamer at other opponents all the while. As has been said, avoid flippers when fighting, as unlike Maximillion, it can't use inertia to self-right.

Against Hawk EyeEdit

As Hawk Eye is one of the simpler robots to defeat, you can simply charge at it to attempt to flip it over. If that fails, then use a saw to cut away at the Kevlar, as it is very weak to this kind of weaponry. If ramming, do not try to go for the front, as the flamethrower can deal severe damage to certain armour types your robot might have. (Kevlar, polycarbonate, etc)

Hawk Eye Stats

Hawk Eye's stats in Arenas of Destruction.

Extreme DestructionEdit

In Extreme Destruction, Hawk Eye has no flamethrower and a full flipper instead of lifting forks. It also runs on tracks instead of wheels. This version can self-right if flipped.


Using Hawk EyeEdit

Hawk Eye's flipper can prove to be of great utility, as most robots in this game aren't capable of self-righting. If that breaks off, you can still use its pushing power to overpower most other robots, due to the traction and torque of it.

Against Hawk EyeEdit

Hawk Eye's far more difficult to beat in this game, due to the high pushing power, dangerous flipping weapon and near-impenetrable armour. Your best strategy you can do is to catch it broadside and ram it, as Hawk Eye can sometimes lose power to its drives and battery if hit hard enough or flipped high enough.

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