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Hoot was a heavyweight robot which fought in Nickelodeon Robot Wars and the second series of Dutch Robot Wars. It appeared in a single battle in each series, losing both times. As a loanerbot, Hoot was drafted in to replace robots which weren't working at the time, replacing The Piecemaker in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, and Reflex in Dutch Series 2.


Hoot in the arena during Nickelodeon Robot Wars

Hoot is an octagonal shaped robot. Its weapon is an overhead three bladed flail which was very ineffective and also had a rather high ground clearance. In Nickelodeon Robot Wars, the flails were close to the body, with the robot being a dark black/brown colour. For Dutch Series 2, the flails were extended, and the robot was given a white colour, with a golden "beak", and eyebrows, resembling the cover art of the 2002 novel Hoot.

The Team[]

Hoot with Robotics Club Kinderdijk in the Dutch Robot Wars

When entered into Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Hoot was entered by Team Born2Bot from California, replacing their competitor robot The Piecemaker. Scott Gary drove Hoot, and he was joined by his family members Hannah and Alanna.

During Dutch Series 2, Hoot was entered by the Robotics Club Kinderdijk, who had competed earlier in the same season with Beaverbot. Maarten Roest captained the team, and was joined by Jurgen van Oorschot.

Robot History[]


Hoot was loaned to The Piecemaker team and fought Bunny Attack in a Vengeance battle relating to The Piecemaker's Annihilator loss earlier on in the series.

Hoot is pressured by Bunny Attack

Hoot's blades snap

Hoot's flailing arm hit Bunny Attack early on, but caused no damage. Bunny Attack's equally ineffective weaponry tapped Hoot in retaliation. Sir K pushed Bunny Attack away from Hoot, before Bunny Attack drove onto a CO2 vent and got stuck. Hoot slammed into Bunny Attack in an aggressive manoeuvre, but its blades flew off in the process. Matilda then pressed the pit release button and Sir K attacked Bunny Attack, cutting off its sledgehammer with his claw. Time ran out, but Sir K backed both competitors into the pit of oblivion. A crowd vote still declared Bunny Attack the winner.

Dutch Series 2[]

Hoot was loaned to the Beaverbot team (whose machine had already lost in Round 1 in an earlier heat of the second Dutch Series), to replace Reflex.[1] It faced Pika 3

Hoot is slammed into the pit release button by Pika 3

Hoot is smothered by Sir Killalot

Pika 3 was on the offensive straight away, slamming Hoot into submission against the pit release button. This made Hoot lose drive on one side, allowing Sir Killalot to pick it up. After the House Robot released Hoot, Pika 3 pushed it onto the edge of the pit, where Hoot put itself out of its misery by reversing in.

"A suicide attempt from Hoot!"
— Eric Corton


US Series
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Vengeance vs. Bunny Attack Lost
Dutch Series
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Heats, Round 1
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Pika 3 Lost


  • US Wins: 0
  • US Losses: 1
  • Dutch Wins: 0
  • Dutch Losses: 1

Series Record[]

US Series[]

Hoot in Dutch Robot Wars

US Series Hoot Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Did not enter
Nickelodeon Vengeance
Entered with The Piecemaker

Dutch Series[]

Dutch Series Hoot Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Heat, Round 1
Entered with Beaverbot


  • Hoot's design resembles the cover art of the 2002 novel Hoot.
  • Team Born2Bot were one of three American teams in Nickelodeon Robot Wars who did not compete in either season of Extreme Warriors, alongside Team S.S.S.L. and Team In-Theory.

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