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Hornet was a Welsh robot built to enter Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. The robot was completed at a cost of £1500 and attended the qualifying tour in Cardiff, but ultimately failed to qualify for the series.


Little is known about the design of Hornet, other than its insect-inspired namesake, 90kg weight and £1,500 build cost.

The Team[]

Hornet was captained by a 16-year old James Rowlands. He lived in Maesglas, Gwent, and studied at Cwmcarn School.


Hornet attended the Cardiff leg of the qualification tour for The Fifth Wars and entered the arena to battle Robofox. Ultimately it was Robofox which won the battle, and Hornet did not earn a place in Series 5. Despite collecting two wins, Robofox would also not qualify.


  • Hornet was covered in a July 2001 article[1] by Welsh newspaper South Wales Argus, a company James Rowlands also ran a paper round for. The article also covered Panic Attack and Evil Weevil.

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