"Now, three of the House Robots are on the warpath, as opposed to the Garden Robots who are merely lawnmowers"
— An advertisement for the Extreme 1 House Robot Rebellion on BBC Choice

The House Robot Rebellions were special battles held in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 and Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. In these battles, competitors fought up to three of the House Robots, who were allowed the freedom of the arena for the duration of the battle. The Extreme 1 event initially featured Dead Metal and Shunt, who were joined mid-battle by Matilda; the Seventh Wars event featured the three newest House Robots - Growler, Mr. Psycho and Cassius Chrome - all of which were present in the arena from the start. In Extreme 1, the winner was the last competitor standing at the end of the battle, whilst in the Seventh Wars, it was the side which had defeated the other.

The event also featured in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, but they were instead known simply as Robot Rebellions. In these events, a number of competitor robots fought each other in a knock-out tournament to decide which competitors would fight against the House Robots in the arena at the end of the episode. The Season 1 Robot Rebellion featured Matilda and Shunt at the start of the battle; the former was replaced by Dead Metal for the Season 2 event. There was also a single-battle House Robot Rebellion in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, which again featured Dead Metal and Shunt at the start. In each of the US events, Sir Killalot entered the arena part-way through the battle as the third House Robot.

The arena hazards were rigged to favour the House Robots during these events. For example, the Floor Flipper and Drop Zone would activate on still-mobile competitors which drove across them (Plunderbird 5 and Behemoth were both thrown by the Floor Flipper when driving over it during each of the UK House Robot Rebellions), and the pit would rise for a House Robot trapped inside, but not a competitor.

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