"Man, the awesome spinner of Humdrum, at 220 pounds. He's got two maces on a spinning drum, that you better stay out of the way of!"
Stefan Frank introduces Humdrum

Humdrum was a loanerbot that appeared in Nickelodeon Robot Wars. Humdrum competed in the House Robot Rebellion, operated by Team Robot Dojo, but lost after it and Squirmin Vermin were severely damaged by the House Robots.


HumDrum Arena

Humdrum in the arena

Humdrum was a tall, silver robot with a cylindrically-shaped shell, which functioned as a full-body spinner. The shell featured two maces attached to the rim with chains, as well as several pictures depicting a juggling jester.

Robot HistoryEdit


Humdrum participated in the House Robot Rebellion, where it partnered with fellow loanerbot Squirmin Vermin to challenge the House Robots Shunt and Dead Metal.

Shunt Hundrum

Humdrum slams into Shunt's scoop

Hundrum attacked

Hundrum is ganged up upon

Humdrum got its full-body spinner up to speed, ricocheting off Shunt when the House Robot approached it. However, Humdrum had trouble getting its weapon spinning again, and Shunt punctured its top armor. Shunt then hit the pit release button, and pushed Humdrum around the arena. Dead Metal grabbed Humdrum with his pincers, easily slicing through Humdrum's body several times with its saw. Sir K then entered the arena, dumping Squirmin Vermin out of the arena before picking up the immobilized Humdrum and crumpling its shell. Humdrum was finally put on the Drop Zone, where it had a pile of scrap metal dropped onto it.


House Robot Rebellion
Competing with Squirmin Vermin, Lost
House Robot Rebellion vs. Shunt & Dead Metal (later joined by Sir K) Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

  • Humdrum on set, during an unaired interview
  • Humdrum in the pits
  • Humdrum as it appeared in the show's opening
US Series Humdrum Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Entered with Diskotek and Propeller-Head
Nickelodeon House Robot Rebellion
Entered with Diskotek and Propeller-Head

NOTE: The loanerbot Humdrum competed in the first season of Extreme Warriors as Joker


  • Humdrum and Squirmin Vermin are the only robots which debuted outside of the first two UK series to compete on the show without battling another competitor robot, although both of their previous identities did.
  • A clip of Humdrum being attacked by the House Robots was used in the show's opening in Series 6, 7, Extreme 2, Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2 and Nickelodeon Robot Wars.
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