"Like a whirlwind of terror...the Hurricane is here to inflict pain!"
Jonathan Pearce's in game commentary

Hurricane is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a lightweight robot with a low classic wedge body. Its weapons are a lawnmower blade and some spikes and it is armoured in polycarbonate. It cannot self-right.


Using HurricaneEdit

Probably the best tactic is to reverse into your opponent using the lawnmower blades and triple spike combination, although the lawnmower blades aren't the most reliable of weapon, and reversing into your opponent if they have a flipper gives them a larger ground clearance to exploit. Hurricane's armour is fairly good, and the wedge shape means that if all else fails you could use it to get underneath and push enemies into arena obstacles.

Against HurricaneEdit

Hurricane has no weapons on its front, so attacking this area is low-risk, and should lead to victory. Otherwise, flipping it, either using an active weapon, or even brute force (pushing into its front), will leave Hurricane defenseless, without a self-righting mechanism. Try to avoid taking damage from the blades at the rear, as the AI will usually turn to use these.



Hurricane fighting Chaos 2 in the Flip Frenzy tournament, with a cone chassis

  • A curious modification occurs to Hurricane in the Military Base tournament Flip Frenzy. Like all non-flippers competing in the tournament, Hurricane is modified to incorporate a lifter, placed on the front of the machine. However, for an unknown reason, Hurricane also changes its chassis, from a low classic wedge to a cone, yet retains the same polycarbonate armour and pipe extras. Although most competitor machines have alternative versions that compete in weapon-exclusive tournaments, Hurricane's modification is the only type that has an alternative chassis to the original.
Hurricane Stats

Hurricane's stats

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