The Hypno-Disc Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. This toy was based on the Series 4 incarnation of the robot, evident by the top and rear spikes (as opposed to the single spike or completely flat rear). Despite this, some features of the minibot resemble earlier or later editions of Hypno-Disc.

Features Edit


Front view of the Hypno-Disc minibot


The underside of the Hypno-Disc minibot

Like many of the other minibots, this toy does not feature any moving weaponry. Instead, the flywheel weapon is completely static. The four outer wheels are also static, as the toy itself is powered by a small pullback mechanism underneath the die cast metal bodywork.

The toy is fairly detailed on an aesthetic level, the flywheel decal and uneven teeth are replicated accurately. The checker-plate bodywork is also replicated well, giving the robot a textured look across the body.

Releases Edit


Hypno-Disc in its three-pack


Hypno-Disc in its five-pack

As part of the first wave of Minibot toys, the Hypno-Disc minibot was released in a three-pack with Panic Attack and Dead Metal, as well as in a two-pack with Matilda and a five-pack with Razer, Shunt, Sir Killalot and Wheely Big Cheese.

A Hypno-Disc Minibot was also distributed to Robot Wars Club members in a unique black pouch, and was even included in the Robot Wars promotion at Little Chef restaurants, making this toy one of the most common in the range.

Differences to the real robot Edit

Despite being based on the Series 4 incarnation of Hypno-Disc, this minibot does not feature the self-righting arm that was equipped to the real robot from this series onward. While it isn't uncommon that features on these robots that moved on the real machines were static on their minibot toy, this Hypno-Disc minibot does not replicate this srimech in any capacity at all.


Rear view of the Hypno-Disc minibot

Hypnodisc 4 arena

Hypno-Disc in Series 4, with a thinner flywheel, rectangular front end, and srimech

As well as this, the iconic flywheel is noticeably thicker than that of the real machine, and strangely, the outside is silver rather than black. Though the toy was released in 2001, this was only a feature of the real machine in Series 6 and Extreme 2 (2002-03). This minibot also incorrectly has black wheels, which Hypno-Disc only sported in Series 3 - their debut series.

The body-shape of the Hypno-Disc minibot is also different to every televised version of the machine, with the front end of the minibot beneath the disc noticeably curving inwards, while the real machine has always been perfectly rectangular.


Panic Attack three-pack

Hypno-Disc in its three-pack, in updated packaging

  • As the Hypno-Disc pullback toy was the direct inspiration for Hypno-Disc's spiked design in Series 4, the minibot release was the first to then take inspiration directly from the Series 4 machine, and indirectly being influenced by its fellow Hypno-Disc toy.
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