"Get ready to build championship robot Hypno-Disc with real metal pieces or use any other parts included and build your own customised robot."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Hypno-Disc Pitstop Kit contained a pullback model of Hypno-Disc with interchangeable parts (An alternate disc, a rear mounted axe and two alternate panels). This toy is one of three Pitstop Kits to be officially released, the others being Panic Attack and Matilda.


  • The Hypno-Disc Pitstop box
  • The various interchangeable components
  • Hypno-Disc with the alternate weapons

Both discs could be wound up by hand, and released to make them spin. This toy is based on the Series 3 edition of Hypno-Disc, despite having the wheels of the Series 4 machine. Due to the need for a motor to power the disc, the spinning weapon sits higher on this Pitstop toy than on the real Hypno-Disc robot. This is a minor inaccuracy to the actual robot, however this is less noticeable using the custom flywheel and rear axe that come with this set. The fully assembled toy using the default components does not include the self-righting mechanism or rear spikes seen on the pullback toy.

The parts from the Panic Attack Pitstop can be used on Hypno-Disc and vice versa. None of Matilda's parts are interchangeable with those of Hypno-Disc however, as these were intended to be compatible with a Sgt. Bash Pitstop toy, which was announced but never released.



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