"The first replica competitor robot complete with its unique spinning weapon that can destroy a robot in a millisecond. Hypno-disc has a pull back action; the motor is so powerful that extra weight has been added to slow it down. The spinning disc is connected to the axle and spins ferociously as the robot moves forward. The interchangeable addition for this toy is Hypno’s body cover. This can be removed revealing wires and motor parts. An extra cover has been designed that has protective fins. The creators of Hypno-disc were so pleased with this modification they have copied the design and it now appears on the real Hypno-disc. The accessory is a wall of breezeblocks that are built up to form the Robot Wars logo."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

Hypno-Disc was the first UK competitor robot in Robot Wars to be turned into a pullback toy, releasing at the same time as the House Robot pullback toys.


The Hypno-Disc pullback featured the horizontal flywheel of the real robot, activated by moving the pullback forward/back, as the axle of its front wheels connects to the flywheel, to spin it during movement.

Hypno-Disc toy

The Series 3 design fitted with the srimech

Hypno-Disc pullback

The Hypno-Disc pullback with its spiked panel

The rear armour was interchangeable, allowing the user to choose between the flat shell based upon the Series 3 version of Hypno-Disc, but with a self-righting mechanism added, as Team Hypno-Disc had planned to include this in Series 4. A spiked back end which lacked a srimech was included as an optional extra, which Team Hypno-Disc liked so much, they adapted it into the real robot's design before the Fourth Wars was filmed[2].

As the toy was made before Series 4, Hypno-Disc's tyres resemble their appearance from Series 3, as do the red teeth on the flywheel (one on the edge of the flywheel, one on the top). A pitstop and a minibot were also released.



The blocks, resembling the Robot Wars logo

The Hypno-Disc pullback came with a grey wall, similar to the ones at the beginning of the Series 2 Gauntlet. When assembled properly, the bricks show the Robot Wars Logo on the front, and a pack of stickers were provided, allowing the user to apply the number of points each block was worth.

Differences from real lifeEdit


The Hypno-Disc team with the pullback toy and the real robot

  • Of the two shells featured with the toy, the flat Series 3 shell has the srimech and the spiked Series 4 shell does not, even though the real Hypno-Disc didn't feature a srimech until Series 4. This is because Team Hypno-Disc made the spiked shell of the real robot in response to the toy, while the srimech was a known addition to the toy manufacturers.
    • The two rear spikes on the Series 4 shell are much larger than the spikes that Team Hypno-Disc would later produce.
  • The disc and blades of the model are from the Series 3 incarnation of the robot; for Series 4 the blades were changed so that they were thicker and more potent to its victims, and the disc was made slightly more conical in shape.
  • The disc spins in the opposite direction to the real robot when the toy moves forwards, but in the correct direction when moving backwards.



Hypnodisc Prototype

The Hypno Disc pullback prototype (right) alongside the final version

  • In 2016, Team Hypno-Disc shared images of the prototype model of Hypno-Disc created before the toy's official release, via their 'Ask me anything' on Reddit[3].


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