The series 3 version fitted with the srimech

Hypno-Disc was the first UK competitor robot to be turned into a pullback. It featured the horizontal flywheel of the real robot, activated by moving the pullback forward/back, as the front wheels axle connects to the flywheel. The rear armour was interchangeable, allowing the user to attach the spiky rear end of the Series 4 iteration (without the srimech), or the plain armour of the Series 3 version, this armour also featured the srimech. Underneath the armour plates was a small representation of Hypno-Disc's innards.


Underneath the armour plating of the Hypno-Disc pullback.

It has the wheels from the Series 3 version, but the tyres on them can come off and are easily lost. The pullback's flywheel is based on the series 3 version of Hypno-Disc, as it has the same type of teeth seen on that model (one on the edge of the flywheel, one on the top). A pitstop and a minibot were also released.



The blocks, resembling the Robot Wars logo

The Hypno-Disc pullback came with a grey wall, similar to the ones at the beginning of the Series 2 Gauntlet. When assembled properly, the bricks show the Robot Wars Logo on the front.


The Hypno-disc pullback in its box

Difference from real life

  • Of the two shells featured with the toy,(the series three one, and the series 4 one (with the spikes)) the srimech is found on the wrong one (the series 3 one)
  • Despite being based upon the series 4 version of Hypno-Disc, it features the series 3 wheels.
  • The disc on the model is the series 3 disc, with one thin blade.
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