Hypno-Disc is a British heavyweight robot, that competed from the third series of Robot Wars, until the sixth series, reaching the grand final on three occasions. The powerful spinning disc was considered perhaps the most devastating weapon ever. Hypno-Disc appears as a competitor robot in the Game Boy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, its second of four video game appearances, it would go on to appear in both versions of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, and having previously appeared in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Hypno-Disc is easily recognisable on the game, due to its iconic spinning disc and grey body. The shape of the robot is fairly accurate, although Hypno-Disc does look considerably smaller and lower down than it was in real life.

Hypno-Disc's weapon is the deadly spinning disc, that caused damage on a scale never seen before on Robot Wars. The disc is a useful weapon, but, as damage isn't particularly visible on the game, it is hard to see any replication of the killing power.

Hypno-Disc is an unlockable robot within the game, and is unlocked by beating it in Championship mode.


Using Hypno-DiscEdit

Fairly obviously, the disc is the primary method for attack, and, if applied correctly, can damage opponents effectively. It is important to avoid flippers, because this is Hypno-Disc's primary weakness on the game.

Against Hypno-DiscEdit

Hypno-Disc is very vulnerable to flippers, which is an ideal tactic. It is useful to stay away from the disc, although most flippers should be able to defeat Hypno-Disc before the disc can cause too much damage.

Differences between the Game and Real LifeEdit

  • The disc is smaller than in real life, and functions more like a Saw Blade than a Flywheel due to game engine limitations.
  • The body is smaller and lower to the ground than it should be.
  • The design for Hypno-Disc here appears to be based on the pullback toy. The rear spikes and the lines on the disc are thicker, the srimech bar is not visible, and there are no fenders on the rear wheels.
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