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"Has devilish eyes and angry temper, but immortal? Is that a vain boast?"
Jonathan Pearce

Immortalis was Team Death's entry into Series 5 of Robot Wars. It lost in the first round of its heat to the 14th seeds X-Terminator.


"Immortalis looked fantastic, a real Dr. Who special effects job with all sorts of bits and pieces glued on to give it a great 70's sci-fi look. It used relays for motor control and had such poor control that they smashed bits of decoration on the way out to the arena. It had twin hedge trimmers for weapons and a dozer blade that was supposed to lift."
— The S.M.I.D.S.Y. website on Immortalis

Official photo of Immortalis

Immortalis was an cylindrical-shaped robot with weaponry at the front, rear and top of it. At the front, it had a pneumatic three-sided plough and a ghastly face with a spike coming out of the forehead. At the rear, it had a firefly's tail, two pneumatic high impact spikes and a concrete-slicing saw. It also had spikes affixed to the top portion of its cylindrical body. Most of Immortalis' components were recycled; according to the Robot Wars Magazine, the drive came from a disused bumper car, the hydraulics came from a bus as well as steering wheels, and a dustbin formed the main body. All of the recycled parts meant that the robot cost under £100 to build.


At the Series 5 qualifiers, Immortalis fought S.M.I.D.S.Y., Tridentate (under the name Trident- not to be confused with the Series 3 semi-finalist Trident), and Viking. It suffered control problems and lost the battle to Viking, but was given a discretionary place regardless.

"We attack Trident with the disk and I think it died there and then (well, it was dead when it landed, so we pushed it into the pit :) Immortalis was quietly wrecking itself against any immovable object cus they couldn't steer :( and Viking started tussling with us. This was the point where we lost drive again (low batts). We got shoved into a corner and managed to keep Shunt and Viking at bay with the disk, we got pickaxed again but the damage wasn't so bad."
— The S.M.I.D.S.Y. website on the Series 5 qualifier[1]

Immortalis was replaced by Devil Rider for the Series 6 qualifiers. The Hassocks Hog website asserts that "Immortalis" competed in its Sixth Wars qualifier[2], and Colin Scott confirms that he cannot remember what name Devil Rider used for its Sixth Wars qualification attempt[3], although it cannot be confirmed that Immortalis was the name Devil Rider went by.

Robot History[]

Series 5[]

"In the summer of 2001 we arrive at the venue in Nottingham for Robot Wars series 5. We were due to meet X-Terminator in round one and really had no fear. Having learnt my lesson at the auditions in Sheffield I carefully drove Immortalis into the main arena....then a member of the crew whispered in my ear-can you place it in under the spotlight....after much shunting and twisting and turning I managed to break the one wheel steering mechanism drat. So smooth as silk X-Terminator drove in and I was a sitting duck. Initially I was making throat cutting gestures to cancel the bout but within seconds I thought I wont get a second so gave it a thumbs up to start. Exterminator struck a nasty blow thru the roof of Immortalis which took out my bot's right eye. My teammate let rip with the lifter and combined with their spiked axe getting stuck -they were up ended. Refbot separated us but by this point Immortalis could only drive forwards or backwards or in the direction the wheel was turned and X-Terminator due to a bent front scoop could only go backwards. Yes, it was a non-fight and Shunt managed to obliterate the light up planter again. Still good fun!"
— Colin Scott recalls the battle on the FRA forum[4] (edited)

Immortalis' one and only battle saw it drawn up against the number fourteen seed X-Terminator in the first round of Heat F of Series 5.

Immortalis takes an upward hit

X-Terminator drops onto Immortalis

Immortalis stayed in its own spot after activate was sounded, before spinning around as X-Terminator approached it. The seeded machine then connected with two successive axe attacks to the top of Immortalis, although X-Terminator ended up heaving itself forwards and over when attempting to retract its axe on the second time. As a result of the incident, the two machines became entangled, with a shove with Refbot needed to separate the duo. Then, as X-Terminator decided to attack Refbot, Immortalis drifted off into the distance, before bumping into the arena wall.

"Oi, Refbot, yellow card X-Terminator, surely! Have a word! What's happening with Immortalis, meanwhile? In the arena, there, in the CPZ, and under pressure from Sgt. Bash - what a curious fight this is!"
— Jonathan Pearce describes the atypical methods of the competing machines

Shunt smashes the globe

Immortalis is pitted

Immortalis was then attacked by Sgt. Bash, who damaged Immortalis with his jaw, before Shunt came over to Immortalis himself, smashing its rear globe off with his axe. A further slam from the axe-wielding House Robot punctured Immortalis' barrel body, before Refbot started his count. After Refbot's timer reached ten, Shunt axed Immortalis once more before pitting it, leaving it eliminated at the first stage of the competition.

"Immortalis proves its mortality!"
Craig Charles comments on the demise of Immortalis


Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heats, Round 1
Heat F, Round 1 vs. X-Terminator (14) Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Immortalis in the arena

Series Immortalis Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Piece de Resistance
The Third Wars Entered with Death Warmed Up
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify with Devil Rider
The Seventh Wars Entered with Metalis
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Although Team Death did not enter Series 8, Colin Scott's creation, Chimera, competed under ownership of a new team, who also entered Chimera2 into Series 9.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Immortalis as Celestial Terror for Techno Games 2002

Without its weaponry, Immortalis competed in the Football competition at Techno Games 2002 as Celestial Terror. It teamed up with Smash and Grab, a robot entered by the Tantrum team from Robot Wars, although the two machines were soundly beaten by A.A.T. and Savage Toaster, losing by a 4-0 scoreline. Immortalis was succeeded by Devil Rider for Techno Games 2003.


  • Immortalis was the only robot in Heat F of the Fifth Wars that never appeared in any other series. However, its team did appear in Series 2 with Piece de Resistance, Series 3 with Death Warmed Up and Series 7 with Metalis.
  • At the start of Heat F of Series 5, Immortalis was referred to as a newcomer despite its team appearing in Series 2 and 3 with Piece de Resistance and Death Warmed Up respectively. This was corrected later on during Immortalis' battle against X-Terminator.