"...that circular saw is dangerous, and there oh! The front flippers work independently! Right and left. Now that's novel!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Inverterbrat's weaponry during its first battle

Inverterbrat was a competitor robot that fought in Series 3 and 4 of Robot Wars. In Series 3, it was known as Invertabrat. It performed reasonably well in Series 3, making the Heat Final before losing to Beast of Bodmin. Inverterbrat returned to Series 4 as one of two unseeded Series 3 Heat Finalists, but a malfunction on its flipper rendered it immobile in the first round of the main competition, before breaking down in the Tag Team Terror tournament as well in the same series.



Invertabrat in the arena in Series 3


Inverterbrat's official photo from Series 4

Inverterbrat's weapons were a unique lifter at the front of the robot, which had two arms which separated when lifting an opponent, and a rotating bludgeoner at the other end.

"It's a pneumatic-powered flipper, which we can lift up to this position [raises lifter halfway up] to get over obstacles, drop it down when we're approaching the enemy, and then, when we're underneath them, these two arms separate, very quick! It lifts about 100 kilos, 16 and a half stone."
— Les Wall describes the lifter in Series 4

Inverterbrat's cutter in Series 3

In Series 3, the bludgeoner was described as a "multi carbide-tipped saw and milling cutter", and was essentially a circular saw with sharp points on the top. The weapons were upgraded for Series 4, with the lifter being made larger and thicker, and the bludgeoner was changed to a simpler design, with two blades. The bludgeoner now span at 2000rpm, and according to captain Peter Bignell, had the high-energy storage capability of three rifle bullets.


Inverterbrat's bludgeoner in Series 4

As its name suggested, Inverterbrat was completely invertible. Unusually, it was made entirely of recycled parts from scrap yards, including 2 24 volt wheelchair motors, running at 36 volts, and a steel monocoque body. It was powered by batteries and compressed air to lift in excess of 100 kg. It had a top speed of 10mph.[1]


Philippa Forrester: "Now, is this called Inverterbrat because it's spineless?"
David Wall: "No."
Philippa Forrester: "Why is it called Inverterbrat then?"
David Wall: "Because it can go upside-down, and the right way up, and its lifter inverts the other robots."
— Discussing Inverterbrat's name in Series 3
Inverterbrat name

The Inverterbrat logo in Series 4

The name Inverterbrat references 'invertebrate', the scientific term given to a creature without a backbone. When questioned about the origin of the name, the team revealed that the actual inspiration for the name was the robot being invertible, and its main tactic of inverting opponents; something it never succeeded in doing.

Invertabrat S3 stats

The 'Invertabrat' name on its Series 3 stat board

In Series 3, the robot's name was spelled as Invertabrat. It is unknown whether this was simply an error made on TV, or if it was a conscious decision made by the team between series, but the spelling 'Inverterbrat' was present on the robot in Series 4. Of the two names, the Inverterbrat spelling is more like the term 'invertebrate', which may have prompted the change if indeed 'Invertabrat' was an intentional name.


Invertabrat qualified for Series 3 by running the assault course. As it was not seeded for Series 4, Inverterbrat had to go through the qualifiers, where it fought Knightmare. The two fought an entertaining battle, so both were selected to compete.

"Both teams tried every trick in the book to win. The crowd liked them so much they both qualified."
Robot Wars Magazine on the qualifier battle[2]

Inverterbrat failed to qualify for Series 5, despite beating Barber-Ous in its qualifier battle. Barber-Ous started well, throwing Inverterbrat in the air with its drum, but then broke down and was pitted by Shunt. However, Barber-Ous was chosen to compete, unlike Inverterbrat.

"There was also Invertabrat (sorry if it's not spelled right). We threw Invertabrat up in the air and it sustained superficial damage. Our drive failed and Shunt nudged us into the pit after trying to axe our drum. The drum was still spinning and only sustained a scratch - a testimony to the resiliance [sic] of polyethalene [sic] armour! The radio worked a treat (Thanks to Paul Hills) and although we sustained a fair bit of damage, we can rebuild it if need be."
— Barber-Ous website on the Series 5 qualifier battle with Inverterbrat[3]

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

Philippa Forrester: "Are you nervous?"
David Wall: "Yes."
Philippa Forrester: "Yeah? Aw, you don't need to be, don't worry! Somebody already beat you to it, someone was already sick in the cubicle! Ha ha! Just to give you encouraging words!"
— Before Round 1, speaking of David Kingsbury from the Anorakaphobia team

In the first round of its debut appearance, newcomers Invertabrat was placed up against a returning team in The Witch in Heat I of the Third Wars.

Invertabrat vs The Witch

Invertabrat grips The Witch with its lifters

The Witch charged first, and Invertabrat charged slightly afterwards, turning a little as it moved towards its opponent, trying to get the bludgeoner into play. The Witch rammed into it, and Invertabrat drove past The Witch. Invertabrat turned, as if attempting to attack with the bludgeoner, but then turned to use the lifter instead. The Witch rammed into Invertabrat before it could get its lifter into position. Invertabrat pushed against the side of The Witch, and got its lifter in position. It tried to turn itself to get the lifter under The Witch and lift, but turned too far and missed. As The Witch backed off, Invertabrat went after it, knocking itself up as the lifter, which was in the down position, hit the arena flipper. Invertabrat tried to lift The Witch, but the lifter was not under The Witch. The Witch reversed and Invertabrat turned away for another attack. As Invertabrat turned to face The Witch, The Witch nearly drove into Sergeant Bash's CPZ. Invertabrat blocked it from getting away, and managed to get the lifter under The Witch and lift. However, it only succeeded in flicking it up. Invertabrat reversed for another attack, and The Witch turned and drove up the arena.

"A little bit of a Halloween haunting for the hopes of Invertabrat at the moment, can't do much."
— Jonathan Pearce as The Witch gets away from Invertabrat
Invertabrat vs witch

Invertabrat attempts to lift The Witch

After driving into the wall, The Witch rammed into Invertabrat. Invertabrat turned and tried to get the lifter under The Witch, but again turned too far and missed, whilst The Witch reversed. Invertabrat followed and turned to bring the bludgeoner into play, and gave The Witch a glancing blow with it. Invertabrat drove around The Witch, giving it a couple more glancing blows with the bludgeoner. The Witch reversed to try and avoid Invertabrat, but drove close to Sergeant Bash, which pushed it out of the CPZ. After this, The Witch broke down. Invertabrat flicked its lifeless opponent up with the lifter three times. Invertabrat then reversed away, but reversed onto the spikes. Invertabrat quickly got off and flicked The Witch up again, and the House Robots came in. Dead Metal cut into The Witch, and Invertabrat was through.

Philippa Forrester: "So there we are. Did that go as expected?"
Peter Bignell: "More or less I think, yeah."
Les Wall: "Yeah. We won, we expected to!"
— Post-battle interview

In the second round, Invertabrat was placed up against fellow newcomers Terrorpin.

Philippa Forrester: "The only thing is that Terrorpin's so cute, don't you think you might be distracted by its cuteness?"
Les Wall: "No, we've already listened to it talking, and we're not fooled by that sexy female voice. Are you nervous?"
Philippa Forrester: "Oh, well I won't bother anymore then!"
Les Wall: "Some sexy female voices, but not that one."
— Pre-battle interview, commenting on opponent Terrorpin's "cute face" and noise generator
Terrorpin Inverterbrat

The two machines become locked together

Invertabrat started by turning, but was too close to the wall, and hit the wall. It turned as it moved away from the wall. Terrorpin charged straight in and pushed against Invertabrat. Invertabrat tried to get its lifter underneath, but Terrorpin's shell was too low, so Invertabrat's lifter fired at thin air. Terrorpin pushed Invertabrat back, and the lifter became caught in the spike ram of Terrorpin. Invertabrat fired the lifter, but this would not separated the two, so it tried pushing Terrorpin towards the pit, but Terrorpin managed to hold its ground by lowering the shell, so Invertabrat pulled Terrorpin back.

"They've got themselves stuck there, on the front of Terrorpin. Is it a worthy tactic being used by Invertabrat or does Terrorpin now have them impaled, in which case, Terrorpin, here, could nudge Invertabrat towards a pit, but it's not happening"
— Jonathan Pearce as the tangle between the two robots occurs
Invertabrat vs terrorpin

Invertabrat lifts Terrorpin

Shunt came in to attempt to separate the two, but Invertabrat pushed Terrorpin into Sir Killalot before it could do so. However, Sir Killalot pushed Invertabrat, which separated the two. Invertabrat reversed away, and after a pause, Terrorpin moved out of the CPZ before Sir Killalot could attack. Both robots circled around each other in the centre of the arena, with a few brief clashes. Eventually, Terrorpin drove at the front of Invertabrat, which lifted it up, and tried to push it into Dead Metal. However, instead of pushing its opponent into Dead Metal, Invertabrat accidentally turned itself towards the House Robot. Dead Metal pushed Terrorpin, and Invertabrat dropped its opponent and reversed as Dead Metal pushed it away. Terrorpin escaped to the arena centre, but Invertabrat had failed to escape the CPZ having accidentally driven into the wall, and Dead Metal blocked its escape. Invertabrat turned and reversed, but Dead Metal still had it cornered. Dead Metal tried trapping Invertabrat side-on against the arena wall, but Invertabrat was still able to escape. However, in trying to turn to fight Terrorpin, Invertabrat reversed straight into Dead Metal's claws. Dead Metal pushed Invertabrat onto the arena spikes and cut into it with the saw. Invertabrat managed to escape Dead Metal's clutches, and the two pushed against each other, whilst Dead Metal accidentally drove into the pit. The two separated, with Invertabrat reversing for another attack, and Terrorpin turning to line up another charge. Terrorpin pushed Invertabrat onto the arena spikes, which blocked it from pushing Invertabrat any further, allowing Invertabrat to turn and reverse away. Terrorpin shoved Invertabrat again, attempting to impale it onto the arena spikes, but failed to do so. Terrorpin continued to chase after Invertabrat, who evaded its opponent with relative ease.

"Not great damage caused to Terrorpin, a few scratches, and Invertabrat, not really getting its weapon there, the saw, into play, which has been a disappointment. Very cagey now..."
— Jonathan Pearce

In the last few seconds, Terrorpin got stuck onto the arena spikes, and cease was called. The battle was sent to a relatively close Judges' decision, where the Judges ultimately decided that Invertabrat had done enough to win the battle and qualify for the Heat Final.

"Proves he has got a spine!"
Craig Charles on Invertabrat

Invertabrat was placed up against Beast of Bodmin, the team who had been champions of the First Wars, in the Heat Final.

Les Wall: "Well, we're not too worried, as no-one's ever actually proven that the Beast of Bodmin exists, have they?"
Philippa Forrester: "Oh, that's fighting talk!"
Jonathan Pearce: "It certainly is Philippa, because the Beast of Bodmin does exist here!"
— Before the Heat Final
Invertabrat vs beast of bodmin

Invertabrat lifts Beast of Bodmin

Invertabrat started by turning into the arena wall again, before the two met in the arena centre. Invertabrat tried to get its lifter under Beast of Bodmin, but Beast of Bodmin turned away, so Invertabrat couldn't get the lifter under it properly, so Invertabrat's flip missed. Invertabrat tried again, this time getting under the front of Beast of Bodmin and lifting it, driving it towards Matilda's CPZ.

"Invertabrat getting those claws in underneath the Beast of Bodmin, to drag it away, towards Matilda. A real beast in her own right..."
— Jonathan Pearce
Beast of Bodmin Invertabrat

Beast of Bodmin slides Invertabrat backwards

The House Robot pushed against the two, lifting Beast of Bodmin with her tusks, which separated the two, with Beast of Bodmin quickly getting away. The two robots locked with each other shortly after, both unsuccessfully trying to get their weapons in a good place to attack. The two robots circled each other, and Invertabrat tried to get its lifters under its opponent, but Invertabrat drove at Beast of Bodmin at the wrong angle, so could not get the lifter underneath properly, and Beast of Bodmin pushed against it. As Beast of Bodmin tried to get away, Invertabrat lifted them up again by the top corner. This time, the bottom of Invertabrat's weapon got stuck on the arena floor and was lifting Invertabrat up on one wheel, so they had to retract it. It quickly flicked Beast of Bodmin up, but Beast of Bodmin fell right off. Beast of Bodmin finally managed to shove Invertabrat slightly, but the latter slid off the wedge, and tried to lift it, but the lifter was not under it properly. After pushing it back, Beast of Bodmin angled Invertabrat towards Matilda. Invertabrat got off Beast of Bodmin's wedge, but was on the spikes just outside the CPZ, Matilda came out, pushed Invertabrat and lifted it, but Invertabrat still failed to get away. Beast of Bodmin got under Invertabrat again, pushing it into an arena flame jet at the top of the arena. Invertabrat was struggling for mobility at this stage, and circled around.

Invertabrat Beast of Bodmin Dead Metal

Dead Metal punishes the beaten Invertabrat

"Invertabrat dancing around, as if to suggest "No, we're alright, we can come back into it". I'm not too sure."
— Jonathan Pearce

Invertabrat reversed towards Matilda once more, with one of Matilda's tusks falling off as the House Robot attacked. Her shell popped up as well, but fell back into place shortly after. Matilda pushed Invertabrat and flicked it with her tusks. Invertabrat was still struggling to move, so Dead Metal came in and sliced into it, confirming Beast of Bodmin as winners.

Hender Blewett: "At the start of the fight, we thought we were going over..."
Chris Kinsey: "They've got quite a nice weapon on there."
Hender Blewett: "Yeah, respect."
Chris Kinsey: "They gave us a bit of a tickle, but then the pussycat turned from a kitten to a puma!"
Bodmin Community College's post-battle interview

Series 4Edit

"The rotating bludgeoner sounds R.S. - Robot Sexy! The pneumatic flipper needs to be effective, in the last wars they had the mechanical problems. They have been updated, but from the scrapyard, back to the scrapyard is a possibility!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Inverterbrat was surprisingly unseeded for the Fourth Wars, despite reaching the Heat Final in the previous series. In the first round melee of its Heat, Inverterbrat was placed up against two other returning teams: The Creature and the number 24 seeds Berserk 2.

Inverterbrat creature

Inverterbrat becomes pinned off the ground by its own lifters, which malfunctioned when trying to flip The Creature

Inverterbrat started by driving head-on at The Creature and lifted it up. Inverterbrat charged at The Creature again, lifting it, but the weapon suddenly malfunctioned and got stuck pointing downwards into the the arena floor, keeping the wheels off the floor and beaching the robot.

"Inverterbrat already causing damage onto The Creature."
— Jonathan Pearce
Berserk 2 vs inverterbrat

Berserk 2 is scarred by the bludgeoner of Inverterbrat

Berserk 2 reversed into the two of them to flip The Creature at the same time of Inverterbrat's second attack. After a while, Refbot nudged Berserk 2 away from The Creature, then separated The Creature and Inverterbrat. The Creature drove away, but Inverterbrat just stayed in the spot as its wheels couldn't reach the floor. Berserk 2 then reversed towards The Creature, pushing it away and attempting to flip it over, but only managed to lift it. Inverterbrat still couldn't move its lifter, but its wheels and bludgeoner were spinning madly, trying to show that was alive.

"...Look at Inverterbrat! I think they're stuck on the arena floor, I think they've pinned themselves down, there, they have!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Invertabrat demise

Inverterbrat on the flame pit

Berserk 2 came in to axe Inverterbrat's rear, but missed and was knocked away and damaged by the still active bludgeoner. Berserk 2 changed tactics and attacked the front of Inverterbrat, axing the immobile robot eight times before Shunt pushed Inverterbrat towards the flame pit, missing however as Inverterbrat ended up by the arena wall. Dead Metal pushed Inverterbrat in a wall grinder whilst Berserk 2 lifted the Creature up again. Dead Metal grabbed Inverterbrat and pulled it away from the wall and started sawing into the bludgeoner. Shunt axed in between the wheels of Inverterbrat. Sir Killalot came in to crumple the front of Inverterbrat, spinning it around and hitting The Creature, then held Inverterbrat over the flame pit for a few seconds before finishing it off by pitting it.

"Well, it's the worst place to go out in Robot Wars, isn't it, because we haven't even seen much action from you, and you didn't really get going!"
Julia Reed to the Inverterbrat team

Inverterbrat also entered in the Pinball Warrior Tournament later in the series.


Inverterbrat in the Pinball Warrior Tournament

Inverterbrat drove at the right hand load of barrels first, and after a pause, knocked them down. It seemed to be attempting to get around Sergeant Bash to hit the target, but the abandoned that idea and pushed the sphere across the arena. Inverterbrat drove through the car doors before hitting Matilda's target. Matilda pinned Inverterbrat against the wall, but then reversed to allow it to escape. However after escaping, Inverterbrat did not go for any of the targets, turning back and forth. It made a charge for the multi-ball release, but time ran out before it could reach it.

"This is a very ponderous run. Too slow, indecisive. Not enough points on the board, I'm afraid. Disappointing, that one."
— Jonathan Pearce at the end of Inverterbrat's run

It finished with an overall score of 95 points, which placed it joint 10th out of 16 along with previous winners Razer.

Inverterbrat also participated in the Tag Team Terror tournament during the Christmas season of the Fourth Wars, with X-Terminator 2 as their partners. These two teams only formed together due to the fact that Peter Bignell, the captain of the Inverterbrat team, once went to Hereford, which is where the X-Terminator 2 team were from.

Simon Baldwin: "To the bout, we're bringing our weight, our speed, and our axe."
Peter Bignell: "And Inverterbrat's bringing its bludgeoner weapon and excellent agility, which makes it really good for tag."
Paul Lewis: "We hope!"
— The teams' introduction before Round 1

They went up against 101 and King B3 in the eliminator round.

"They're definitely better matched for King B, Inverterbrat's better matched for 101, I reckon that we can take him out by having his tracks off with the bludgeoner at the back."
— Peter Bignell's tactics
Invertabrat vs king b Tag team S4

Inverterbrat clashes with King B3

Inverterbrat started out against King B3. Inverterbrat drove around King B3, and tried to get its lifter under King B3's rear, but King B3 turned and pushed back, so Inverterbrat reversed. Inverterbrat drove in again and tried to lift King B3, but King B3 turned, causing Inverterbrat to miss with the flipper. Inverterbrat reversed again, and King B3 rammed into it in reverse, hitting it with the saw. Inverterbrat reversed onto King B3, but King B3 turned and Inverterbrat fell off. Inverterbrat reversed, and King B3 tagged 101. 101 went after Inverterbrat, but before it could catch it, Inverterbrat tagged X-Terminator 2. X-Terminator 2 fought with 101, then King B3.

"Well, they're abiding by the rules... remarkably!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 pushes Inverterbrat against the wall

However, 101 broke the rules, not staying in its zone whilst King B3 was out, and attacked Inverterbrat in the corner. 101 went back to attack Inverterbrat, and as moved out of its zone, it went back after Inverterbrat, slamming it into the wall. Inverterbrat reversed into the top CPZ, and King B3 pushed X-Terminator 2 into that same CPZ, then 101 pinned Inverterbrat in the corner, until Dead Metal grabbed it and pulled it back. After Dead Metal released 101, it rammed X-Terminator 2 into Inverterbrat, pinning them both in the corner. X-Terminator 2 escaped the CPZ, and 101 trapped Inverterbrat by the wall, with King B3 blocking its escape. Inverterbrat had stopped moving.

"Inverterbrat hasn't been that lively since the opening exchanges, and I wonder if the damage was done by King B3 in the initial onslaught we talked about."
— Jonathan Pearce notes Inverterbrat's lack of movement

Inverterbrat is pinned in the corner by 101

King B3 reversed into it, before going back to fight X-Terminator 2, and for the rest of the battle, X-Terminator 2 had to hold off King B3 and 101 by itself, mostly being pushed around.

"X-Terminator 2 trying to avoid trouble, because it's getting absolutely no help whatsoever from Inverterbrat and Peter Bignell, who once visited Hereford. Poor qualification for a Tag Team member, X-Terminator, I think you made a poor choice with Inverterbrat. Don't tell Peter and Les Wall I told you so."
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator 2 survived to the end, so the battle went to the Judges, but with the blue team being up one team member, it was an easy decision. After the battle, it was revealed by Peter Bignell that Inverterbrat's right hand wheel motor gearbox had broken down, which caused its immobilisation.

Julia Reed: " did you find playing the Tag Team?"
Peter Bignell: "Oh, it was really good fun, fantastic!"
Julia Reed: "And did you have any tactics?"
Peter Bignell: "We did, but they went out of the window after about two seconds, I think."
Julia Reed: "What did you think of your partner's performance?"
Peter Bignell: "They were great, without them it would have been nothing, we were out much too quickly. So, yep, they were good, we let them down."
— Post-battle interview

The team had a chance to redeem themselves against Bigger Brother and Plunderbird 4 in the playoff, especially as Plunderbird was suffering technical difficulties.

"We're going to give them a chance to go in first and do something serious, we're a bit short of weapons, we're in there as a battering ram mainly. So, we're just backing them up."
— Peter Bignell explaining to Julia Reed why X-Terminator 2 was going out first this time

Inverterbrat comes out to help X-Terminator 2

X-Terminator 2 went out first against Bigger Brother, but after Bigger Brother flipped it onto its side and held it up, Inverterbrat came out of its zone to help. However, X-Terminator 2 self-righted, and Inverterbrat went back, chased by Dead Metal, who was trying to enforce the rules. X-Terminator 2 tagged Inverterbrat not long after this, and Inverterbrat drove at Bigger Brother, which flipped it up and pushed it down the arena.

"So they were repaired, they are OK!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Inverterbrat

Bigger Brother flips Inverterbrat

Inverterbrat tried to get its lifter under Bigger Brother, but Bigger Brother got under it again, lifted it up and pushed it into the arena wall. Bigger Brother then pushed Inverterbrat into X-Terminator 2, and X-Terminator 2 came out to fight Bigger Brother. Inverterbrat contributed nothing further to the battle after this, having broken down. A couple of times, Bigger Brother and X-Terminator 2 went into the red zone whilst fighting, but Inverterbrat did not move, and Bigger Brother flipped it once. X-Terminator 2 continued to fight Bigger Brother, but drove into the pit, meaning X-Terminator 2 and Inverterbrat finished in last place.

"The only thing that let us down is my strategy man [turns to Peter Bignell] was supposed to tell me when the pit opened, but never told me, and I never noticed!"
— Marlon Pritchard after the battle


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat I, Round 1 vs. The Witch Won
Heat I, Round 2 vs. Terrorpin Won
Heat I, Final vs. Beast of Bodmin Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat F, Eliminator vs. Berserk 2 (24), The Creature Eliminated
Pinball Warrior Tournament
Joint Tenth (with Razer)
Pinball 95pts 10th
Tag Team Terror
Competing with X-Terminator 2, Fourth Place
Round 1 vs. 101 & King B3 Lost
Playoff vs. Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 Lost


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 4

Series RecordEdit

  • Bratwurst Designs in Series 3
  • Bratwurst Designs in Series 4
  • Invertarat, the team's mascot
  • Inverterbrat in the arena after flinging its mascot
  • Inverterbrat
Series Inverterbrat Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat Final
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit


Inverterbrat (second from right) makes a cameo in the sitcom Spaced

Inverterbrat had a brief cameo on the sitcom Spaced in the episode Mettle, where the robot was in attendance for an underground combat competition.

Tornado vs Inverterbrat

Inverterbrat is pushed by Tornado

Inverterbrat competed at the Debenham Robot Rumble 2000, where its first match was against Tornado. After being pushed around for an extended period of time, Inverterbrat started leaking gas, and Tornado was able to disable the robot's radio gear, and eventually remove its safety link. Inverterbrat was therefore eliminated from the competition.

"Our first fight was against Invertibrat {sic}. We pushed them around until they started leaking gas, and continuted {sic} until we not only switched off their radio gear but knocked out their removable link!"
— Team Tornado website[4]


  • In Series 4, the team had a small soft toy rat as their mascot which was called Invertarat.
  • Peter Bignell was part of The Steering Committee.


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