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"And here he comes, the Master of Disaster, our presenter, Jürgen Törkott!"
Volker Wolf's most common introduction (translated) of Jürgen Törkott

Jürgen Törkott is a German radio DJ that hosted the only series of German Robot Wars on RTL II.

Robot Wars[]

Jürgen Törkott was the lead presenter of the German series, taking on the role identical to the likes of Craig Charles and Rob Kamphues. He also fulfilled the role of pit reporter on the show, making him the only male pit reporter across all Robot Wars series prior to the reboot. Jürgen spoke both German and English, allowing him to hold interviews with all the teams in the international events.

Outside Robot Wars[]

He is best known for his radio work on the German radio station Bayern 3. Previously he also worked in television and owned a ski chalet in the Alps, although he later returned to Bayern 3 and hosted their overnight show, having previously hosted afternoon and weekend shows on the station.