Janne Blomqvist is a Swedish sports commentator and journalist who hosted the Swedish dub of the the Fourth Wars of Robot Wars.

Robot WarsEdit

Janne Blomqvist and micke

Janne presenting Robot Wars with Micke

For the Swedish dub of Robot Wars, Janne Blomqvist and fellow presenter Micke Dubois would take the role of duel presenters and commentators. Whilst, Micke served as pit reporter and offered comedic segments, Janne took a more serious approach when presenting, often asking Micke about his experiences and his finding during the pit reporting and behind the scenes looks.

Outside Robot Wars Edit

Janne Blomqvist started his career as a Formula 1 commentator in 1997, which he has done ever since. Initially, he presented Formula 1 on the TV station Canal + until the company gave the the rights to air Formula 1 to TV4. Janne Blomqvist is also a traffic reporter and served as Swedish commentator for the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2016 Summer Olympics. He also founded The World of Technology magazine in Sweden.

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