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Jayne Middlemiss is a television and radio presenter, and former model. She served as the Robot Wars pit reporter during Series 7.

Robot Wars[]

A promotional image of Jayne and Sir Killalot

Jayne Middlemiss in promotional artwork

Jayne Middlemiss replaced Philippa Forrester as the pit reporter when the show moved to Five for Series 7. Although this replacement was unpopular among some fans, Middlemiss proved popular among many roboteers[1]. Like her predecessors, she took to the role very enthusiastically despite her obvious lack of mechanical knowledge. In the pits she would usually ask simple questions about the teams' previous appearances, how their robots worked and how they expected to fare in the arena. She also tended to describe the robots using words such as "mean" and "fierce".

Middlemiss had previously presented the second series of Robot Wars' sister show Techno Games. Somewhat ironically, she was replaced as host by Philippa Forrester, who Middlemiss would later replace as the Robot Wars pit reporter.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Advertisement for Jayne Middlemiss featuring Sir Killalot

Middlemiss started her career in 1991 as a glamour model, but within a year she had moved on to pursue a television career. She has presented various television programmes including Top of the Pops, Holiday, What Women Want, The Games and Orange Playlist.

She has also appeared on reality programmes, winning Celebrity Love Island in 2005 and Celebrity Masterchef in 2009. Appearing on Pointless Celebrities in December 2012, Middlemiss advanced to the final rounds and won the jackpot for her charity. Outside of television, she has presented radio programmes on BBC Radio One and BBC 6 Music and has released a successful yoga DVD called Jayne Middlemiss - Love Yoga.

In March 2022, Middlemiss returned to Pointless Celebrities. Ironically starring in the same episode was her Robot Wars predecessor, Philippa Forrester. Both previously also overlapped as presenters of BBC's The O-Zone.


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