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For the fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (PC/Xbox), see Joust (Extreme Destruction).

"The Knights of the Round Table protected King Arthur with their lives. If someone called the king names, or tried to steal his pigs, or brought his daughter home with a smile on her face, the Knights were there, to protect his honour. But alas, the Round Table is now a mere legend, and we don't joust for honour, we do it for sadistic tea-time entertainment. Still, there's nothing wrong with that."
— Craig Charles introduces Joust

Joust was one of the Trial events that featured during Series 2 of Robot Wars. Five competing robots would go head-to-head with Matilda on a raised platform, trying to reach the furthest distance possible without being pushed off the platform. Both robots would start at either end of the arena, and would drive up a ramp to meet each other on the platform and try and push each other off. One competitor - All Torque in Heat I - even succeeded in pushing Matilda back down her ramp and into the end zone.

"Our five remaining robots will joust Matilda! If they survive the initial blow, it's a battle to see who gains the most ground. The robot who puts in the worst performance will be thrown off his horse!"
— Another introduction from Craig Charles, this time explaining the rules

All Torque defeats Matilda during its run

The robot which gained the least ground against Matilda by the end of the Trial would be eliminated. In some cases, competitors with low ground clearances or drive power had difficulty getting up the entrance ramp, resulting in minus figures being attained as they were pushed back towards the start.


The Joust platform and ramps being installed