For the similarly named robot that competed in Series 5, see Juggernot 2.
"Ever been rammed by a Juggernaut? You will soon!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Juggernaut is a fictional competitor robot which is featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. Juggernaut is a box-wedge shaped robot with a crushing arm at the front and two hollow spikes, one either side of the arm, and a carbon cutting disc at the rear. It is available to buy when Stage 4 of competition mode is unlocked. It cannot self-right.


Using JuggernautEdit

Juggernaut's best tactic is to grapple opponents with the claw, then use the pushing power to force the robot into arena hazards. Failing that, the wedge alone is quite effective, and the cutting disc at the rear causes a lot of damage quickly. Although Juggernaut cannot self-right, it only occurs if the claw is removed. If it is removed, then it is in danger of being flipped.

Against JuggernautEdit

Juggernaut is fairly unstable and cannot self-right, so a good tactic would be flip it or to ram the vulnerable sides and attempt to topple the robot. If this is not possible, use the side-on position to ram Juggernaut into a CPZ or other arena hazard. Avoid the claw and disc, as these will cause major damage quickly.


Juggernaut (centre) fighting on the North Atlantic Aircraft Carrier arena

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