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K.A.S.A.P. (which stood for Kill As Soon As Possible) was heavyweight robot designed to compete in Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2, but was not selected to compete.


K.A.S.A.P. was a two-wheel drive rammer armed with a steel spike powered by a pair of linear actuators at the front, which could lift around 150kg according to the team. Long by design, its front sloped down into a point, similar to the shape of fellow Dutch entry Rat. Its armour was primarily made up of 3mm stainless steel, with 3mm polycarbonate covering any weak spots.

The team opted to design their own speed controllers, and despite struggling, eventually did just that. According to the team's build diary, the team considered adding an axe weapon to K.A.S.A.P. to look more impressive on television, but it is unknown whether they went ahead with this idea. Though not invertible, the team had plans to incorporate a srimech into their design.[1]

The build process for K.A.S.A.P. spanned several years after the team caught wind of BNN picking up the show, but it was not in a completed state for the first series of Dutch Robot Wars.

Series Record[]

Dutch Series K.A.S.A.P. Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Not selected

Outside Robot Wars[]

Despite not competing in Dutch Robot Wars, the team took K.A.S.A.P. to various events held by universities in and around the area. Not much is known about these events, though Team K.A.S.A.P. did fight Tough As Nails in an abandoned factory in Enschede, while trialling their bespoke speed controllers.