"Katharsis will have you screaming for more- it usually does!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Katharsis is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a super heavyweight class robot with a high classic wedge body. Its weapon is a flywheel and it is armoured in titanium. It cost 12930 credits and does not have the capability to self-right.

Katharsis is an alternative spelling of the Greek word catharsis.


Using KatharsisEdit

The disc is your best weapon, so attacking with the large flywheel will cause impressive damage if timed right. If necessary, Katharsis can also work as a rammer, so use the wedge to push opponents into hazards. In the odd chance that the flywheel breaks off, you can use the wedge to tip over others. Avoid flippers however, as although Katharsis has a low ground clearance at the front, it can be easily flipped from the sides and cannot self-right.

Against KatharsisEdit

Stay away from the disc, as it can cause large amounts of damage. The sides and rear of the robot are unprotected, so either attack them with your weapons, or ram it into hazards to secure a victory. It is also very easy to flip from the sides.


  • At 12930 credits, Katharsis is the second most expensive fictional robot in the game, behind only Thor.
    • It is also the most expensive fictional robot that can be fully recreated in the Robot Workshop.
Katharsis Stats

Katharsis's stats

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