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"Don't let the lurid fluorescent paintwork fool you! Weighing in at 72.2 kilos, powered by 2 24 volt wheelchair motors and featuring a mighty pick axe. Killertron, bound to tickle its opponents more than pink!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Killertron for the first time in Series 1

Killertron was a competitor in Series 1, 2 and 4 of Robot Wars, also entering the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. In all iterations, it featured a double-headed pickaxe. Killertron reached the Heat Final in Series 1, and completed its best performance in Series 2, where it reached the Grand Final and placed fourth. Killertron missed Series 3 due to scheduling issues, and suffered results-wise in Series 4 as a direct result, falling in the second round.


Killertron in Series 1

Killertron in the arena in Series 1

Killertron was made from a modified wheelie bin lid, and featured a trademark bright pink paint job (though it was painted orange in Series 2, and repainted black as a one-off appearance). It was the first robot to use a spiked axe, a weapon that was so powerful in its early appearances that it could bend on impact. The axe was powered by two car starter motors[1].

"The arm is held by an old flywheel from a car engine. This is moved backwards and forwards by using a five channel radio. The other channels were used to control both left and right motors for steering."
— The Killertron website.[2]

Series 2 appearance, the only appearance in orange

Killertron's official image in the Series 2 Technical Manual

It was able to reach top speeds of 15mph, and was driven by two wheelchair motors. It had six wheels, but only the middle two were driven by motors[3]. The original Killertron cost £300 to build, and £200 was spent upgrading it for Series 2.[4]

"Well Killertron was back and only a few adjustments had been made from last years entry. Firstly the colour and secondly the speed controllers had been changed from relays to 4QD's. I had never noticed before but their batteries were not the normal 'small' ones, but the big car batteries which were kept at the bottom of Killertron. The axe was powered by two starter motors, one of which powered the forwards/reverse swing. The axe itself had had it's main gear lightened and this apparently made it faster and more deadly."
Oliver Steeples on the improvements to Killertron[5]

In the First Wars, it had an interchangeable mace, but it was never used due to the power of the axe. However, the mace would later be fixed onto the end of Skarab's hammer after Team Trojan helped with repairs to the latter in a later heat. Said mace was lent to Rameses II, Skarab's successor, in Series 2 as well.

Killertron in Series 4

Killertron in the arena in Extreme

After missing Series 3, Killertron competed in Series 4 and Extreme Series 1, but didn't perform very well as the axe had lost a lot of its effectiveness due to the upgrading of other robots' armour, poor accuracy and control and a generally weaker power system. The robot had a scoop added, along with side bars to prevent the robot getting stuck on its side. The Series 4 version of Killertron weighed just over half a kilo over the pre-Extreme 1 heavyweight limit. In the Celebrity Special, the axe was substituted for a boxing glove in honour of celebrity driver Chris Eubank, and the robot was painted black.

The Team[]

Killertron was entered by Richard Broad and Abdul Degia, who worked together at an aircraft fabrication company. Abdul’s son Ian was on the team for a majority of the career, save for Extreme 1 where he was replaced by Richard’s son Chris due to exams. Abdul was the primary builder while Richard drove, and teenage Ian operated the axe.

Ian and Chris would both go on to run YouTube channels, Ian’s Forge and Abroad in Japan.


Killertron being inspected during the Series 1 audtions

Killertron attended the Series 1 auditions alongside other fellow Series 1 competitors four weeks before filming. Killertron arrived without armour and was checked by Derek Foxwell who was impressed with its weaponry and design.

Killertron before Series 4

Killertron fought Major Tom at the Series 4 qualifiers. In the qualifier, the battle started off sluggish with both robots not making much of a move to each other with Killertron having missed multiple hits with its axe before eventually landing a blow that impaled Major Tom's armour, before driving Major Tom into the pit. It won the battle and qualified, while Major Tom also received a discretionary place. Crew were called into the arena and had to use crowbars to free the two robots.

"The contest was as good as even, until about the final 10 seconds when Killertron's axe came down and got stuck in Major Tom's body shell. The judges scored the win for Killertron"
— The Major Tom website

Killertron 2, which failed to qualify for Series 5

The team built a completely new robot for Series 5 called Killertron 2, fairly similar in design to Dominator 2, only much more compact. However, it failed to qualify as it lost to Barbaric Response, who also failed to qualify. Barbaric Response's flipper was not working, so it tried ramming Killertron into the walls. This tactic worked and Killertron 2 was almost completely immobilised as it could only fire the axe, but a ram that went astray caused Barbaric Response to get half stuck on top of Killertron 2. Shunt freed Barbaric Response, and as Barbaric Response was still mobile it attacked Shunt, then ran away when Shunt tried to retaliate. The pit opened and Barbaric Response tried to pit Killertron 2 but couldn't, before Shunt got revenge by pitting Barbaric Response and Killertron 2 together. Ultimately, neither robot qualified.[6]

Spinnertron's initial design

After this, Broad was planning to revive the original Killertron and build a new heavyweight using Killertron 2's shape named Spinnertron, and intended to enter it into Series 7, but the robot was never entered.

"I tried to reshape Killertron into a new wedge shape with zero ground clearance but it was not very good and had lots of problems. So I think I will keep the old Killertron shape for Killertron 2 and my new wedge shaped robot will be called Spinnertron as I am changing the axe, the axe will now spin around. Should be interesting. I am working on a mechanism that will spin the axe one way and after impact it will spin in the opposite direction with some force."
— Richard Broad on Spinnertron

Robot History[]

Series 1[]

"...with that awful fluorescent pink, and the dreadful pick axe. Drivers Abdul and Richard, with that sort of weaponry, and colouring, I'd go and see a psychiatrist if I were you!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Killertron runs the Gauntlet

Killertron stuck on the springs

Killertron entered in Heat A of the first wars. Killertron was the final robot to run the Gauntlet. It crossed the first ramp, but when coming to the end of the ramp it suffered steering problems, turning to its right and almost falling off, then reversing into Dead Metal. Dead Metal briefly blocked its progress, before reversing. Killertron continued, but drove straight into the drills, which blocked it. The drills receded, and Killertron tried to drive up the second ramp, but drove at the wrong angle up the ramp, beaching itself on the side. It drove along the side, unable to get itself down, before hitting the springs, which it tried to axe.

"You won't beat springs with a pickaxe, boys! What are you doing?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Killertron is trapped

Dead Metal drove up the ramp to knock Killertron free, but it was still blocked by the springs and made no further progress until "Stop and deactivate robots" was called. This score still put Killertron 4th on the leaderboard overall, which was enough to put it through to the Trial stage, which in this heat was Sumo.

Killertron holds off Shunt

Killertron attacked Shunt with its axe several times, but missed. However, it also managed to keep itself from being pushed straight off, occasionally using its axe to maintain a grip on Shunt. Killertron held on until the end, lasting the full sixty seconds. This was enough to put it through the Heat Semi-Finals in second place, behind Nemesis and ahead of Roadblock.

In the Heat Semi-Final, Killertron fought Shogun. For this battle, the team added a pair of spikes to the tip of the pick-axe for lancing purposes. These would be kept for all of Killertron's subsequent appearances. Before the battle, the Killertron team mockingly presented the Shogun team with bin bags for the robots' parts after the fight, to which the Shogun team asked them to go easy on Shogun, as they were having problems with the robot, with only one wheel working.[7]

Killertron smashes Shogun into submission

Shogun moved forward, before driving over near the grilles. It tentatively moved towards Killertron and rammed into him, reversing away as Killertron's axe came swinging forward. Killertron spun, battering Shogun with its axe, and Shogun eventually drove over the grille and got stuck.

"Doesn't seem to be able to dodge Killertron, who seems to be having some sort of fit...oh, Shogun's stuck! On the grille! And Killertron comes in, for the kill!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Sergeant Bash breaks its saw against Killertron

Killertron cornered its foe and struck with its axe, first with the pointy end, and then penetrating through Shogun's shell with the flat-edged end. Sergeant Bash interceded, but his circular saw made contact with Killertron and flew clean off. Cease was called, as Shogun was clearly immobile.

"I enjoyed that. You put that pickaxe, which I like a lot, into his skin!"
— Jeremy Clarkson

It was revealed that problems with the speed controllers caused Shogun's poor driving, and that Sergeant Bash's circular saw had fractured a wire in Killertron. However, it managed to be fixed in time.

Killertron went through to the Heat Final to fight Roadblock.

Killertron strikes Roadblock

Roadblock gets underneath Killertron

Both robots drove towards each other, Killertron fired its axe prematurely, but managed to retract and swing again in time to hit Roadblock. Roadblock's scoop proved effective, slipping beneath Killertron twice in quick succession, resisting a second axe blow, and pushing it into the side wall. Killertron was left in Sergeant Bash's CPZ, but easily dodged the Sergeant to escape. It then charged at Roadblock in an attempt to lance it, but drove too far onto the road sign wedge, and beached itself there.

"And Killertron’s on the run, it’s piggy-back time!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killertron drives up Roadblock and becomes stuck

Roadblock tips Killertron over

Roadblock carried Killertron around in circles, and then with a bump from Dead Metal, Killertron eventually slid off the side of Roadblock, who steered and rolled its opponent onto its back, helpless. Roadblock had won the first ever heat of Robot Wars.

"We just couldn't wait to take them out, they've been cocky in the pits, and now they're over, they're upside down!"
— Chris Kinsey after the fight

Series 2[]

"It was supposed to be pink again this year...but Richard Broad bought the wrong paint"
— Jonathan Pearce explains Killertron's change of colour scheme

Killertron navigates the ramp during the Gauntlet

Killertron returned to the wars as the fourth seed. In the Gauntlet, Killertron drove up the see-saw, but halfway across, it turned and drove off the side. Although it escaped, Shunt was blocking the path, so Killertron started attacking Shunt with its axe, piercing the top of the House Robot. While Shunt and Killertron were exchanging blows, Dead Metal came in and cut through the wheelie bin lid. When cease was called Killertron had moved no further. It had achieved 10.3 metres, which saw it finish 3rd and qualify for the next round.

"Killertron, that was tremendous, wasn't it? 10.3 metres, that's a good run"
— Praise from Jonathan Pearce

In the Trial, Killertron took part in King of the Castle. Killertron faced Shunt and Dead Metal, who was substituted for Matilda after this run.

"Richard Broad with Killertron, he's an aircraft fitter by trade, wouldn't want to fly around that ring though!"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the Trial

Killertron axes Shunt

Killertron clings onto Dead Metal as time ticks down

Shunt had difficulty getting off its ramp, turning just as it was near the top, and got stuck on the side. As Shunt reversed to try again, Dead Metal drove up the ramp without a problem, and drove towards Killertron. As Dead Metal made contact, Killertron fired its axe, and Dead Metal briefly backed off. It turned around and began pushing Killertron backwards. Meanwhile, Shunt was still stuck, having driven up the wrong way again. Killertron turned away from Dead Metal, allowing it to get side on at the House Robot so it was no longer being pushed. It drove into the centre, with Dead Metal alongside it, as Shunt finally got onto the platform. Killertron was caught between Shunt and Dead Metal, who began to push it towards the edge together, but Dead Metal turned away, and Killertron took advantage of by pushing against him towards the edge. As Dead Metal struggled to stay on the platform, Killertron fired its axe on the House Robot, getting caught in him, helping it to hold on as Shunt was pushing it. Killertron's survival put it second on the leaderboard.

In the Heat Semi-Final, Killertron earned a devastating win over newcomer ORAC.

Killertron roasts ORAC over the Flame Pit

Killertron drove forwards, then spun on the spot, as ORAC closed in. It made contact with ORAC, but because the two met front on, the chisels of ORAC prevented Killertron getting close, and ORAC reversed, so Killertron missed with its axe. ORAC turned around and away from Killertron, Killertron bumped into it as it reversed away, but did not use its axe. ORAC then drove over the arena spikes and its drive chain came off. Unable to move, ORAC was now an easy target for Killertron and the House Robots. Killertron slammed its axe down, but it became stuck in ORAC. With the help of Matilda, Killertron pushed ORAC onto the flame pit and held it there. Killertron managed to pull its axe free and drag ORAC off the flame pit, and smoke was pouring from ORAC. Killertron pushed ORAC over the flame pit and slammed its axe down again and again. Knowing it had won, Killertron reversed away, leaving ORAC smoking by the flame pit as cease was called.

"Look at the holes! Not wholesome fun for ORAC, and they know they're beaten!"
— Jonathan Pearce

In the Heat Final, Killertron went up against another newcomer Technophobic.

Killertron pushes Technophobic into the pit

Killertron moved slowly forwards, whereas its opponent drove straight in. Before the two robots met, Technophobic tried to turn away, but did so too slowly, exposing its side to Killertron. Technophobic avoided an axe blow by reversing away, reversing towards Dead Metal in the PPZ. As Killertron closed in, Technophobic reversed closer to Dead Metal, and Dead Metal came out and briefly got Technophobic in its claws before backing off. Technophobic pushed against the side of Killertron, causing it to miss with its axe blow as it pushed Killertron back. Killertron turned to get side-on at Technophobic, and Technophobic reversed before driving past Killertron. It reversed back at Killertron, but Killertron used its axe, with the spikes on the top, as a lance. The spikes pierced Technophobic, allowing Killertron to push Technophobic to the pit. Killertron had Technophobic dangling over the pit, then backed off, taking two blows to knock it into the pit. Killertron had won and was through to the series Semi-Finals.

However, in the post-battle interview, it was revealed that Killertron's axe was not working properly.

Craig Charles: "What's wrong with your axe?"
Ian Degia: "Well, one way it'll work, the other way it won't! I think it's out of alignment."
Craig Charles: "Well, you can modify it for the next fight!"
— Post-battle interview

This problem was fixed for the Semi-Finals.

"I think we've got a good chance, our pick-axe is so sharp now, it'll go through anything! ... I think we can beat everyone!"
— Confidence from Richard Broad before the Gauntlet

Killertron runs the Gauntlet

In the Gauntlet stage, Killertron started slowly, briefly stopping when the spikes came up. It went over the see-saw, but when coming off, it drove into the fence, and Shunt pinned it against the wall. Shunt let it go and Killertron continued, only to be blocked again, getting caught between a spike on the fence and Matilda lifting it up. Shunt axed Killertron, Matilda let Killertron go, and Killertron drove free of the spike. Instead of completing the Gauntlet straight away, it turned to attack the House Robots. It fired its axe at Matilda, missing, but when Shunt started pushing, and Matilda brought its chainsaw down, Killertron broke off the attack, reversing into the endzone. Killertron had completed the Gauntlet on its third time doing it, finishing second.

"That's a good run, well done Richard Broad! Good steering."
— Jonathan Pearce

Killertron was through to the Trial stage, which was Pinball.

Killertron in the trial

It was the last to run, only needing more than 65 points to go through. It slowly drove to the wall of bricks, knocked some of them over, but then appeared to stop. Sir Killalot rolled the sphere into it, and Killertron started moving again. It drove around the sphere, knocking over more of the bricks, then knocking over some barrels. Sir Killalot came in and cornered Killertron, lifting it up and pinching its base, as Killertron vainly fired the axe to fight him off. Killertron drove away after being pinched, heading to the other brick wall and knocking some of them over, but time ran out. Killertron was lifted up as cease was called. Having scored 135 points, Killertron finished second and was through to the Arena stage.

In the Arena stage of the Semi Finals, Killertron went up against newcomer Behemoth.

Killertron smashes the eyes of Behemoth

Killertron tried to avoid Behemoth's scoop, but Behemoth got under it. It flipped, but because of the scoops size, it only lifted Killertron slightly. Killertron missed an axe blow at the same time. Killertron got side-on at Behemoth, landing an axe blow on the top which broke an armour panel. Killertron backed off for another attack, but as Behemoth came in, it exposed its side to its opponent. However, the scoop failed to fire, so Killertron got side-on at Behemoth again, axing it over and over again, puncturing the top. Behemoth appeared to stop moving, so Killertron fired its axe again, and with the axe caught in the top of its opponent, pulled backwards to pull Behemoth onto its side after several attempts. It pushed Behemoth back on its wheels when it got its axe free, but Behemoth was immobile, so Killertron had won, and was through to the Grand Final.

Philippa Forrester: "Who are you most scared of?"
Ian Degia: "Erm, no one! We're Killertron, we'll take anything that comes to us, and that's it!"
— Interview at the start of the Grand Final

In the Grand Final eliminator, Killertron found itself facing Panic Attack, the only remaining newcomer.

"Killertron, less reliable than Panic Attack, it's quicker certainly, and the pickaxe is its main strength. They've lightened the flywheel that counter-balances the pick-axe, really is deadly, one of the most severe weapons in the whole of Robot Wars. Is it durable enough when on the defence against Panic Attack? Attacking, it can meat terrible damage out. It's got enough strength to push and shove, it's well controlled always, this is my tip to win. I wonder if it can survive when under pressure. Killertron, will it spin a victory jig?"
— Jonathan Pearce whilst reviewing clips of Killertron's run to the final

Before the battle, Richard Broad revealed that the pick-axe had been modified to a shorter length, in order to prevent the arm from bending more when in use.

"Panic Attack immediately on the attack...and I think that’s caused problems to Killertron immediately!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack darts away from the immobile Killertron

Killertron slowly moved forwards, and Panic Attack charged in, pushing Killertron until it was just outside the PPZ. Panic Attack reversed, but Killertron had stopped moving. Dead Metal briefly gripped Killertron with its claws, backing off as Panic Attack came in again. Dead Metal and Sir Killalot rammed Killertron, and Sir Killalot used its lance to turn Killertron over.

"Killalot with that deadly lance to turn it up on its side and over! And all the fears about Killertron have come true! And it’s Panic Attack the surprise package here."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot bathes Killertron in fire

Sir Killalot continued to do damage, pinching into the side, then carrying it with its lance to the flame pit and holding it over the flames. Meanwhile, Panic Attack was fighting Shunt and Sergeant Bash, and "Cease" was called when Panic Attack pushed Sergeant Bash into the pit, falling in itself. After the battle, it was revealed that the pin for the main drive had fallen out on Panic Attack's initial charge, leaving the robot immobile.

In the Play-Off for third place, Killertron met Roadblock in a rematch from Series 1.

Killertron and Roadblock, boxed in by five House Robots

Roadblock and Killertron moved towards each other, with Roadblock's wedge again managing to push beneath Killertron. Roadblock began to push Killertron towards the PPZ, and Killertron's axe came crashing down, but was deflected by the hard armour of Roadblock. Roadblock circled around, trying to lever Killertron on its back, but Killertron managed to escape. Roadblock pushed Killertron into the PPZ, and Killertron's axe was again unable to strike. Roadblock cut into Killertron with its circular saw. Matilda then propped Killertron up on her tusks, but it was released. Roadblock continued guiding Killertron forward, and repeated axe blows had bent Killertron's axe. Roadblock pushed Killertron into the Sentinel and used its saw to inflict damage.

Roadblock pits Killertron

Killertron escaped The Sentinel, but became stuck between Sir Killalot and Dead Metal. Roadblock scooped up Killertron and tried to get away from the House Robots, but although its opponent escaped, Roadblock was pinned down by Sir Killalot. Roadblock shouldered out past Dead Metal, and it and Killertron became trapped beneath the pendulum and four of the six house robots present. Sir Killalot joined the other four, and Dead Metal dragged Killertron out of the PPZ. Roadblock intercepted and pushed Killertron straight into the pit.

"We had a few control problems there, it was on auto-pilot and the axe bent..."
— Richard Broad after the fight

Series 4[]

"Third in the second series and pretty in pink! The big axe is back, 2 24 volt driven, quick at 15mph, genuine contenders again!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Killertron

Killertron returned for Series 4, after a one-year break from the war zone. The one-year break would prove to be its downfall, the other robots now having strong enough armour to effectively resist the axe. It was incorrectly claimed by Jonathan Pearce, Julia Reed, the stat board and the team that Killertron finished third in Series 2, when it actually finished fourth.

In its first battle, it was drawn against the 32nd seed Suicidal Tendencies and newcomer Maverick.

Suicidal Tendencies slams into Killertron

It started slowly, and Maverick drove up to the front, but drove onto the scoop. Killertron fired the axe, but Maverick was at an angle, so the axe missed. Suicidal Tendencies drove at the side of Killertron with the forks raised, pushing it back. As Suicidal Tendencies reversed for another charge, Killertron fired the axe, but the robot was facing the wrong way, so it missed as Suicidal Tendencies came in. Suicidal Tendencies pushed Killertron by the corner, firing its own axe, but did no damage. Killertron turned away as it was being pushed, which allowed to get free of Suicidal Tendencies. Maverick drove at Killertron's side as Suicidal Tendencies backed off, but fired its lifter before it got underneath, so it could not lift Killertron. Killertron turned to try and axe Maverick, but Maverick drove away before Killertron could axe them, helped by the fact Killertron had to swing the axe over before it got a chance to axe Maverick. Killertron moved away, but Suicidal Tendencies drove under it and lifted it up with the forks, before driving over it. Maverick, whose lifter was raised, pushed Killertron, then turned away when Suicidal Tendencies came in to attack Killertron again, getting its forks under the side of the wheelie bin lid and pushing Killertron around the arena. Suicidal Tendencies axed Killertron as it pushed it, only causing small dents, before Maverick started pushing Killertron, so Suicidal Tendencies reversed away. Maverick tried to lift Killertron, but was at the wrong angle, so it did not get under Killertron before it fired. Suicidal Tendencies charged at Maverick, lifting it with the forks and pushing it into Matilda, axing Maverick as it did so. Matilda pushed Killertron, then turned around and used the chainsaw on Maverick's top, but did no damage. Suicidal Tendencies allowed Maverick to escape, and Killertron got behind Suicidal Tendencies, and finally landed an axe blow on one of their opponents, puncturing Suicidal Tendencies' top. Suicidal Tendencies turned around, with Killertron's axe still stuck in the armour. Maverick attacked the side of Killertron, so Suicidal Tendencies rammed and lifted Maverick. As Suicidal Tendencies charged, it broke free of Killertron's axe, though Killertron kept its axe on top, so was dragged with the two until it withdrew the axe. Suicidal Tendencies pulled Maverick back, and Killertron drove in and axed the top of Maverick, puncturing its top. As it struggled to get the axe out, Suicidal Tendencies drove behind Killertron and lifted it. Suicidal Tendencies pushed Killertron as it lifted, trying to get it over, but could not due to the axe being stuck in Maverick. Suicidal Tendencies pulled and pushed Killertron, with Maverick being dragged with it, as Killertron's axe was still stuck.

"Behind Killertron is Suicidal Tendencies, and the pink one is the meat between the sandwich!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Maverick and Suicidal Tendencies gang up on Killertron

Refbot came in to separate the three. Suicidal Tendencies dropped Killertron and backed off, and Killertron's axe was still stuck in Maverick. Maverick turned around, trying to get free, and Killertron finally released the axe. As it did, Suicidal Tendencies got its forks under Maverick and pushed it towards Shunt. Killertron tried to axe Suicidal Tendencies, but its axe bounced off the top. Suicidal Tendencies turned Maverick around, lifting it with the forks, then rammed Maverick, causing it to flip over. With no srimech, Maverick was eliminated. Killertron stood back as Maverick was attacked by the House Robots and thrown by the floor flipper. Killertron then found itself fighting the 15th seed Wheely Big Cheese in the second round of the Heat.

"The Big Cheese {sic} is quite a tough contender, but I think we've got to beat it, we really have. We can't get knocked out by a bit of cheese, really, we just can't be!"
— Richard Broad before the battle

A transition of Wheely Big Cheese's flips against Killertron

Wheely Big Cheese flips Killertron

The two robots charged head-on at each other, and Killertron got its scoop under the front of Wheely Big Cheese, preventing it getting underneath. However, Wheely Big Cheese pushed Killertron back, so Killertron turned away. Wheely Big Cheese drove around to the back of Killertron and easily got its flipper underneath. Wheely Big Cheese overturned Killertron with one flip as Killertron fired its axe. Killertron could not right itself, and soon found itself by Shunt's CPZ. Shunt lifted it with the scoop and pushed it to the centre of the arena, where Wheely Big Cheese was waiting. Wheely Big Cheese flipped Killertron again, righting it in the process. Killertron charged at Wheely Big Cheese, driving straight onto its flipper, swung the pickaxe and failed to hit, so the seeded machine flipped Killertron straight over its top, overturning it again. Unable to right itself, Matilda flipped it over with its tusks. Killertron manage to dodge Wheely Big Cheese for a short time, before Wheely Big Cheese got the flipper under the side as the two were fighting by Matilda's CPZ. Killertron was flipped over again, and this time, the House Robots did not turn it over. Instead, Sir Killalot grabbed Killertron by the axe and spun it around, then dragged it to the flame pit to hold it over the flames. Killertron was able to flip itself over, but Sir Killalot was still grabbing its axe, so it could not escape. Matilda cut into the side with its chainsaw, and Dead Metal sliced through the wheelie bin lid with its saw. Sir Killalot finished Killertron off by dragging it into the pit. Much to the amusement of Jonathan Pearce, Killertron kept firing its axe whilst it was in the pit.

"...defiant to the end! It's too late, now- you're out! Go home! Goodnight! Farewell, adieu!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killertron was eliminated as a result.

"That's quite a machine that Wheely Big Cheese. To go up against a wedge like that, as soon as we was knocked upside down, and then they righted us, I thought "Well that's it!"!"
— Richard Broad to Julia Reed after the battle

Killertron with Chris Eubank in the Celebrity Special

Killertron later made an appearance in the Celebrity Special, driven by Jamaican-born boxer Chris Eubank. Here, it was painted black and its pickaxe and side spikes were covered with boxing gloves.

"Well, if we can't do it with the machine, I'll have to use my fists!"
— Chris Eubank whilst introducing Killertron

In the first round, it fought clusterbot Gemini, which was being controlled by Anthea and Wendy Turner.

Killertron under Chris Eubank, the only appearance in black

Killertron gets flipped by one of the twins

One of the Gemini twins sped out towards Killertron, then veered away as Killertron swung the axe. Killertron missed, then was attacked again, so it swung the axe again, this time landing a blow. One of the twins got under Killertron and flipped, but Killertron was kept upright by one of the side mounted boxing gloves. The weaponry boxing glove came crashing down onto Gemini, but the other half came in and flicked Killertron onto a flame jet. Gemini backed off, then one of the twins sped out to attack the wounded Killertron. Trying to defend itself, Killertron swung its axe, but Gemini was too fast, ramming and lifting Killertron before the axe could do any damage. This happened again, but this time the twin fell forwards. Gemini was stuck on its side, but Matilda helped it down and then went on to unfairly flip Killertron over. Matilda came back to right Killertron, but Killertron was flipped on its back end by a Gemini twin. Killertron got back down, but the boxing glove was roasted on a flame jet as it came down. A Gemini twin attacked it again and pushed it onto its side, then levered it back down. Matilda shredded the boxing glove, just as a Gemini twin flipped her over. Sir Killalot righted Matilda, as cease was called. It was an obvious decision for the judges, as they voted Gemini through.

"This was a set up man! There should be a rematch here! Come on, ladies and gentlemen, will you back me up here? Fix! Fix, fix, fix, fix"
— Chris Eubank makes accusations

Extreme 1[]

Killertron's only appearance in Extreme Series 1 was in a Mayhem for a place in the first annihilator, where it fought Series 4 semi-finalist Splinter and Aggrobot 3. The old Killertron model was used, instead of the new version, Killertron 2, which was attempting to qualify for Series 5.

The robots clash

Killertron tangles with Splinter

The three robots drove around the arena quite slowly at first, making no immediate attempts to attack each other. Killertron missed an axe blow on Splinter, who was brushed aside by Aggrobot 3 with no effect. Aggrobot 3 accidentally reversed onto Splinter's front scoop, which allowed Splinter to grab it and hit its opponent a few times, but its axe failed to pierce Aggrobot 3's armour. Letting go, it reversed onto Killertron's axe, who then attacked Aggrobot 3, but failed to pierce Aggrobot 3. Aggrobot 3 got wedged underneath, but failed to lift Killertron. Eventually, Aggrobot 3 drove underneath Splinter and began to lift it up, whilst being axed by Killertron. The three broke away, and Splinter began to attack Killertron with its axe, but the first blow did no damage, and the second missed. One of its grabbing arms appeared to have been pushed out of position, but this did not appear to hinder it. It continued to pursue Killertron and Aggrobot 3, hitting them with its axe, but causing no damage. Suddenly, Aggrobot 3 got underneath Splinter and lifted it up before a shove from behind by Killertron caused Splinter to be overturned.

"It really isn't a great pickaxe weapon, though ... it scratches."
— Jonathan Pearce on Killertron's axe

Killertron axed Aggrobot 3 a few more times, but only one blow managed to puncture the Leach brother's machine, the others bouncing off. Dead Metal came out of his CPZ and started attacking Splinter, even though it had not been counted out. However, because Aggrobot 3 appeared to be pinning Splinter down, Refbot and Dead Metal pushed Splinter away and, in doing so, righted it. It quickly came back on the attack, axing Killertron. Meanwhile, Aggrobot 3 had beached itself on its own lifting arm and couldn't lower itself back down, so Refbot counted Aggrobot 3 out just as the pit descended. Sir Killalot attacked Aggrobot 3, holding it on the flame pit, then carrying it over to the floor flipper, where it was thrown. Meanwhile, Splinter and Killertron no longer seemed to be fighting each other, and Dead Metal was still attacking Splinter, despite it being mobile. Whilst Splinter attacked Aggrobot 3, Killertron seemed to have limited mobility as well, which attracted the attention of Sir Killalot, who grabbed hold of it (despite it not being in a CPZ), crumpling through its plastic armour. He then started to carry Killertron towards the pit, despite Killertron's axe flailing away in an attempt to escape.

Killertron axes Aggrobot 3

The unsuspecting Killertron is dropped into the pit by Sir Killalot

"He should dump Killertron to the floor! He shouldn't be picking it up, because Killertron was still mobile, it was still fighting....but it's in the pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce notes that Killertron is being unfairly attacked

As Killertron was pitted, Sir Killalot chased after Aggrobot 3, as Cease was called. Despite Sir Killalot's interference against Killertron, the judges made no stand, and Splinter was declared the winner. This battle marked Killertron's final appearance on Robot Wars.


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat A, Gauntlet 11.02m (4th) Qualified
Heat A, Trial (Sumo) Survived (2nd) Qualified
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Shogun Won
Heat A, Final vs. Roadblock Lost
Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
4th Seed, Fourth Place
Heat E, Gauntlet 10.3m (3rd) Qualified
Heat E, Trial (King of the Castle) Survived (2nd) Qualified
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. ORAC Won
Heat E, Final vs. Technophobic Won
Semi-Final 1, Gauntlet Completed (2nd) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Trial (Pinball) 135 Points (2nd) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Arena vs. Behemoth Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Panic Attack Lost
Grand Final, Playoff vs. Roadblock (1) Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat H, Eliminator vs. Maverick, Suicidal Tendencies (32) Qualified
Heat H, Semi-Final vs. Wheely Big Cheese (15) Lost
Celebrity Special
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Gemini Lost
Extreme Series 1
Mayhem vs. Aggrobot 3, Splinter Lost


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6

NOTE: Killertron's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series Record[]

Main Series Killertron Series Record
The First Wars Heat Final
The Second Wars Fourth Place
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify as Killertron 2
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Withdrew from qualification with Spinnertron
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

Killertron, among other Robot Wars competitors such as Wheely Big Cheese, Eye of Newt, Tor, Rottweiler 2 and Miss Struts, took part in the 2000 Children in Need event which consisted of Tug of War, battles and Sumo matches[8].


  • Despite its pink colour trademark, Killertron's best performance and only time beyond the heats was in the only main competition when it wasn't painted pink.
  • Killertron was the only UK series competitor that reached a Grand Final, but still has more combat losses than wins.
    • Including international competitors which reached a Grand Final without the use of a wildcard, Killertron is joined by Falcon.
  • Killertron is one of the few robots to live up to its seeding, as it finished 4th in Series 2 after being seeded 4th. It shares this pattern with Chaos 2 who defended its title in Series 4, and Firestorm 4 finishing 3rd in Series 6 as it was Seeded 3.
  • Killertron is one of 23 robots to have completed The Gauntlet. Like King Buxton, it failed to complete it in the Heats, but succeeded in the Semi-Finals.
  • Killertron was the first robot to push another into the Pit of Oblivion, doing so to Technophobic in the Heat Final of Heat E of Series 2.
  • Killertron was the first robot ever immobilised by being turned on its back.
  • Killertron was the pioneer of the overhead weapon.
  • Killertron's team lent the mace to the same team in the first two wars, allowing it to be used on Skarab and Rameses II.
  • Throughout its run in Robot Wars, Killertron's past progress was frequently talked about incorrectly. In Series 2 Jonathan Pearce frequently referenced Killertron as having reached the Series 1 Grand Final, when it lost in the Heat Final. In Series 4, Jonathan Pearce, Julia Reed and the statistic board all stated that Killertron finished third in Series 2 when it actually finished in fourth place. Finally, just before the Extreme 1 mayhem, Jonathan Pearce claimed that Killertron had reached the Grand Final twice, despite only reaching that stage once. Robot Wars: The Official Robot Guide also made a huge error, by saying Killertron placed third in Series 3, when it didn't even compete.
  • Despite its success in Series 2, Killertron did not compete in Series 3. This is because filming of the series was pushed back from August to October, outside of Team Trojan's availability.
  • Killertron is one of three competitors (along with Atomic and Team Big Cheese) to lose to the eventual UK Champion in the heat final of one series and go on to reach the semi-finals in a subsequent series.
  • Killertron and Mortis were the first Heat Finalists to go on to become semi-finalists.
  • Until Series 4, Killertron had never lost to a robot which was not the defending or eventual champion.
  • After series 2 all of killerton's losses were to previous or future semi finalists.
  • Killertron is one of eleven robots to fight two past or future domestic champions in two successive battles, fighting Roadblock and Panic Attack in the Grand Final of Robot Wars: The Second Wars. The others to do this are Cassius, Tornado, Firestorm, Stinger, Razer, X-Terminator, Twisted Metal, Philipper 2, √3² and Aftershock.
  • Christopher Broad would later become known for his YouTube channel, and podcast Abroad In Japan.