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"Now, show an Englishman a queue and he'll stand in it, serve him cold soup and he'll never complain, unless it's gazpacho, but threaten his home, and expect to be on the receiving end of a very large bat!"
— Craig Charles introduces King of the Castle

King of the Castle was one of the Trial events that featured during Series 2 of Robot Wars. Similar in concept to Sumo, this Trial featured five competitor robots taking turns to stand on a raised platform ('castle') and defend it against attacks from the House Robots. The House Robots would access the platform through a set of ramps on either side, and try and knock competitors off a la Sumo. Each robot had 30 seconds to try and remain on the platform, or to push both House Robots off themselves; the competitor which survived for the shortest amount of time was eliminated.

In Heat E, the House Robots used were Dead Metal and Shunt for the first run, with Matilda replacing Dead Metal for the other four runs. In Heat K, Dead Metal was joined by Sergeant Bash for all five runs.

The best performance in this event was by Plunderbird 2, which managed to knock both House Robots off the platform during its run in Heat K. Other memorable runs included when Spin Doctor broke one of Matilda's tusks by spinning, and when Dead Metal and Sergeant Bash pushed Mega Hurts off the side, but fell off themselves.


Plunderbird 2 stands triumphant


  • In addition to Shunt, Sir Killalot can be seen in the background during Craig Charles' introduction of King of the Castle in Heat E.