"Basher, masher, thrasher - just a few of the words used to describe Krasher!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Krasher is a fictional competitor robot which is featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a triangular wedge shaped robot armed with a crushing arm at the front and a chainsaw at the rear, armoured in fibreglass.

Krasher is available to buy after unlocking Stage 8 of Competition mode, for just 3080 credits.


Using KrasherEdit

The crushing arm can be used to grab and drag other robots, however, Krasher's low power makes dragging difficult, and this can still cause the weak fibreglass armour of Krasher to peel off. However, reversing into robots with the chainsaw can cause a lot of damage to other robots, whilst not allowing the other robots to peel away Krasher's armour.

Against KrasherEdit

The chainsaw can prove very useful when trying to flip it (coupled with Krasher's relatively light weight). Merely pushing Krasher from the side can also cause a lot of damage to its armour, making it peel off in a matter of moments. Krasher's low power means that pushing it into various arena hazards can be very easy, though it is advisable to steer clear of the claw.

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