Lawnmower blades were a common form of rotating weapon that were seen in the original and international series of Robot Wars. The first robot to be equipped with them was Victor in Series 2, while the most successful was US competitor Conquering Clown 2, which reached the Grand Final in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with this weapon.


Lawnmower blades refer to thin spinning blades made out of plastic or metal, usually taken from a petrol/gas-powered lawnmower. They are lighter and usually more compact than the equivalent bar spinners, with the distinction that lawnmower blades are generally specialised to cut and scratch other robots rather than tear, gouge and concuss.

Because lawnmower blades can bend and warp fairly easily, they were usually mounted at an angle so that the bladed part did not directly strike opponents. Another common method to solidify the weapon was to mount two or more blades vertically and connect them on the ends of a shared axle, as demonstrated by the weapons of Run Away and the Series 5 version of Sabretooth.

It is important to note that some robots which are labeled as having lawnmower blades for weapons do not fall into this category. Robots equipped with blades taken from a push mower, such as Blade, are classified as drum-wielding robots.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit



Sparks fly as Conqeuring Clown 2's blade hits Unibite 2.0

  • Lawnmower blades require less time and money to design and build than most other spinning weapons, and are usually lighter as well.
  • Their simplistic design ensures that they are easy to repair or replace between battles.
  • Depending on their size and power, lawnmower blades can deal a reasonable amount of damage to opponents' armour and chassis. The weapons of Little Fly, 6 Million Dollar Mouse, the Series 5 version of Sabretooth and Conquering Clown 2 were all able to inflict considerable damage during each robot's appearances.
    • If placed at an angle, a lawnmower blade can easily get at the opponent's underside, further increasing its damage potential.
  • They can be compatible with invertible designs, as proven by Jabber and Not Perfect.


Mouse trap little fly

Little Fly's blade had a tendency to jar upon contact with metal, and was unable to damage Mousetrap's weapon as a result

Mantis vs jabber

Since Jabber's weaponry was unable to hit Mantis, Mantis could easily pick it up

  • Because lawnmower blades are usually very light and thin compared to bar spinners, they have a tendency to bend and break if they sustain too much damage after a certain amount of hits. The blade of Conquering Clown 2, for example, was bent out of shape following repeated attacks from Sir Force A Lot in US Season 2, while Dark Destroyer's weapon compressed on itself by the end of its Series 3 battle with Sgt. Meikle.
  • They have a tendency to stop rotating upon making contact with metal, reducing their damage potential against well-armoured robots. Little Fly was especially susceptible to this issue in Series 4, where while it was able to immobilise Weld-Dor 2 and cause damage to Mousetrap's front, it was not able to cut through the latter's trap mechanism.
  • Many lawnmower blades can have a small attack area and often leaves them exposed. This was best demonstrated in Jabber's melee, where Mantis was able to avoid the blade entirely to pick up and crush it.

List of Robots with Lawnmower BladesEdit

6 Mouse

6 Million Dollar Mouse


Conquering Clown 2

Littlefly mag

Little Fly

Sabretooth S5

Sabretooth in Series 5

Darke destroyer team

The Darke Destroyer with its team


Victor, the first robot equipped with lawnmower blades

Robots are listed alphabetically.

Robot Series Appearances with Lawnmower Blades Notes
6 Million Dollar Mouse US Season 1 Themed around a mouse's 'nose'.
Araknia Series 7 Blade had rare-earth magnets attached to its ends.
B.O.D. Series 7
Conquering Clown 2 US Season 2 US Season 2 Grand Finalist. Blade was made from solid steel and claimed to spin at up to 10,000rpm according to the team.
The Darke Destroyer Series 3 Four-bladed weapon mounted on the rear. Series 3 Heat-Finalist.
Jabber Series 7 Weapon weighed 4.5kg and spun up to 1,500rpm.
Little Fly Series 4 Weapon spun at 1,000rpm. Series 4 Heat-Finalist.
Medusa Oblongata US Season 1
Nasty Warrior Extreme 1 Achieved a shock victory over Hypno-Disc in a UK vs Germany battle.
Not Perfect German Series Was allowed to compete despite being one kilo overweight, as there were a shortage of German competitors. Finished fifth overall in German Robot Wars.
Psycho Chicken US Season 2 16-inch blades rotating at 3,900rpm.
Riptilion Series 6-7, Extreme 2
Run Away US Season 1-2, Nickelodeon US Season 1 Tag Team Terror runner-up, paired with General Chompsalot. Pair of vertical blades mounted on either side of the robot.
Sabretooth Series 5 Set of front shredding blades rotating at 2,400rpm.
Shrapnel Series 3
Victor Series 2 First UK robot to use a lawnmower blade as a weapon. Weapon was 21 inches long and powered by a motorcycle starter motor. Interchangeable with a flail.
Weld-Dor 3 Series 6, Extreme 2 Rear-mounted blade was 24 inches long.
Wheelosaurus Series 4 First axlebot in Robot Wars. Equipped with a three-bladed cutter in Series 4 only as part of a set of interchangeable spinning weapons.
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