Spawn Again EX2

Despite having a reputation for unreliability, Spawn Again's victories were all via knockout

This article lists the most successful robots to compete in Robot Wars by their ability to win battles outright (by knockout), compared to their ability to win via a judges' decision.

  • Robots with less than ten wins are excluded from the list for the sake of brevity.
  • Robots whose totals contain international versions of the show are highlighted in grey.

Robots are listed as individual entrants, rather than teams.

A judges' decision is counted as such if one took place to determine qualification, regardless of whether KOs took place within the battle.

However, there are some exceptions, mentioned in the notes.

Each robot's ratio is determined by determining the percentage of knockouts from the total of victories. Battles that were won by default (such as various withdrawals from Annihilators over history) are excluded when calculating the ratio.

List of robots by ratioEdit

Robot Total wins Wins by knockout Wins by judges' decision Knockout ratio (%) Notes
Spawn Again 10 10 0 100%
  • The Tag Team Terror fight with Major Tom and Bigger Brother is treated as a KO.
Bigger Brother 20 19 1 95%
Carbide 22 21 1 95%
Panic Attack 28 26 2 93%
Thermidor 2 15 14 1 93%
  • The Flipper Frenzy is listed as a knockout, even though Thermidor 2 allied itself against House Robots with its ostensible opponents. Because Chaos 2, Bigger Brother and Wheely Big Cheese were all immobilised, it is listed as a knockout.
Mortis 13 10 3 85%
  • The battle with Oblivion ended with both robots mobile, and though no judges' decision was referenced or announced on the show, it is presumed to have been a judges' decision.
Terrorhurtz 18 15 3 83%
  • Despite the judges making a ruling on the elimination of Barber-Ous 2 over Iron-Awe 2, Terrorhurtz had indisputably won the battle by knockout, so it is listed under knockouts.
101 11 9 2 82%
Firestorm 33 27 6 82%
  • Despite the judges making a ruling on the elimination of Cedric Slammer and Colossus, Firestorm 4 was the last robot immobilised and was never in danger of elimination, so it is listed under knockouts.
  • Half of Firestorm’s judges decision wins were Firestorm 2.
Hypno-Disc 22 18 4 82%
X-Terminator 16 13 3 81%
  • Despite the judges making a ruling on the elimination of Spirit of Scorpion over Barbaric Response, X-Terminator had indisputably won the battle by knockout, so it is listed under knockouts.
  • S.M.I.D.S.Y. survived to the judges in the Tag Team Terror of Extreme 2, but the elimination of Sumpthing meant that it was a mere formality. As such, this battle is also listed as a knockout.
Chaos 2 25 20 5 80%
Dantomkia 15 12 3 80%
  • Two of Dantomkia's 3 judges' decisions included knockouts, but became judges' decisions because a single machine (13 Black and Rick respectively) held on to the judges. Dantomkia's remaining judges' decision was against Big Nipper, its only head-to-head judges' decision.
Eruption 18 14 4 78%
Apollo 15 11 4 73%
Behemoth 29 21 8 72%
  • The "Audience Decision" in the House Robot Rebellion is counted as a judge's decision.
  • Despite both Sabretooth and Donald Thump ending the battle immobilised, Behemoth was also immobilised and was given the win on the judges. As such, it is counted as a judges' decision, despite both opponents being counted out.
Diotoir 13 9 4 69%
Dominator 2 18 12 6 66%
Tornado 35 23 12 66%
Thor 18 12 6 66%
  • Thor’s victory over Cathadh and Terror Turtle, which saw the points forfeited after an illegal attack by Concussion, is listed as a knockout.
Pussycat 34 22 12 65%
  • The Tag Team Terror fight with Spawn Again and Comengetorix is treated as a KO.
The Steel Avenger 11 7 4 64%
Bulldog Breed 13 8 5 62%
Razer 40 24 16 60%
King Buxton 11 6 5 55%
Storm 2 17 9 8 53%
Stinger 12 6 6 50%
  • Stinger’s victory in the House Robot Rebellion is treated as a win, because while the other competitor robots were eliminated, the opponents were actually the House Robots and Stinger was deemed the winner by surviving, not by knocking out Plunderbird 5 or Scorpion, its ostensible allies.
Wild Thing 14 7 7 50%
Crushtacean / Krab-Bot 10 4 6 40%
  • The only machine with 10 combat wins to have more wins via the judges than by knockout. However, Crushtacean does have a 57% KO ratio when Krab-Bot’s fights are excluded.
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