Loanerbots were competitor robots which were built by the Robot Wars crew and loaned to teams in order to make up the numbers in a certain series. In most cases this was because the team had experienced a shipping mishap or technical malfunction with their original robot and needed a replacement. Loanerbots were mainly used in Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars, but were also seen in Dutch Robot Wars.

In the US series, loanerbots were only used to make up the numbers in side events and were usually not allowed in the main US Championship, but Tiger Cat was bought in as a substitute when Conquering Clown withdrew. In the Dutch series they were used in the main competition due to a lack of competitors.

The loanerbots were for the most part, below the standards of competitor robots, and rarely enjoyed success against them. They often ended up as fodder for the house robots' more extreme measures of punishment, having no real sentimental value to anyone. The one exception to this was the undefeated Tut Tut, which was reworked by Cyclone's Chris Harriman to have a more powerful pneumatics system behind the axe.

List of Loanerbots

Between the two seasons of Extreme Warriors, the loanerbots were altered and renamed - in cases where that is evident, the two loanerbots share a page. However, it is important to note that all the loanerbots were built by the same crew; the chassis were similar to one another and components could be easily exchanged between them. Because of this, it is impossible to know for certain if two similar-looking loanerbots were same robot with cosmetic changes or two completely different machines.

Robot Name Series Team(s) Alternate Name
Dynamite UK Series 6, German Series Team Dynamite N/A
Hard Dutch Series 2 Team Compactory N/A
Hoot Dutch Series 2, Nickelodeon Robotics Club Kinderdijk (Dutch Series 2)
Team Piecemaker (Nickelodeon)
Humdrum US Season 1, Nickelodeon Sylvan Lake Robot Warriors (US Season 1)
Team Robot Dojo (Nickelodeon)
Joker (US Season 1)
Rigby Nickelodeon Team Chippermonkey N/A
Rot Box US Season 1-2 Team Boltz Bang (US Season 2)
Silver Box US Season 1, Nickelodeon Team Vicious (US Season 1)
Team Creative Steel (Nickelodeon)
Zanzara (Nickelodeon)
Spike US Season 1 Sinclair Robotics N/A
The Green House US Season 1, Nickelodeon Team Bot-Head (US Season 1)
Team In-Theory (Nickelodeon)
Vert-I-Go (Nickelodeon)
The Green Mouse US Season 1, Nickelodeon Team Katana (US Season 1)
Team Chippermonkey (Nickelodeon)
Squirmin Vermin (Nickelodeon)
Tiger Cat US Season 1 Dynamic Duo N/A
Tut Tut US Season 1, Nickelodeon Team Raptor (US Season 1)
Team Juggerbot (Nickelodeon)
  • Nemesis was loaned to the Terror Australis team when their original robot broke down in the International League in the UK Series 3 but the robot was originally from Team Nemesis rather than the Robot Wars crew.
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