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"Well, we got two spikes that wind right back in and fire with some pretty hard force … it's a ghost train idea; flames, people screaming out the sides."
— Richard Manion describes Loco

Loco was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 2 of Robot Wars. It managed to reach the Heat Final, but was beaten by Cassius. The team entered Series 3 with a different robot called Dundee.


"It took six months to build, nearly driving the team loco! Powered by two wheelchair motors, a stainless steel shell with a twenty-four volt motorised spring-powered ram that has interchangeable spikes and blades, that's its main weapon. It may appear nippy, but its turning circle is sluggish."
— Jonathan Pearce

Loco's spike when extended

Loco in the gauntlet

Loco was a barrel shaped robot, designed on a ghost train. It had a stainless steel shell with a 24V motor powering the ram at the front, which also had interchangeable spikes and blade but had a sluggish turning circle. Its shape theoretically worked as a rollover design, negating the need for a self-righting mechanism, but it proved unable to right itself when flipped by Cassius.

The Team[]

Loco was built by a team of newcomers from Bristol. Richard Manion captained the team, and he was joined by his family member Eric Manion, while David Iles completed the team. The team returned for Series 3 with Dundee, where David Iles' spot on the team was filled by Charles Humphries.


Loco attended the auditions for Series 2 in a largely complete state, unlike many other machines at the event. This allowed it to be selected for the Second Wars.

"I first saw Loco at the preview at which stage it looked surprisingly complete with internals and shell. Loco used wheelchair motos for power and had a spring powered ram for a weapon of which I cannot comment on it's effectiveness. The shell was made of stainless steel."
Oliver Steeples on Loco at the Series 2 auditions[1]

Robot History[]

Series 2[]

Loco is pitted in the Gauntlet

In the Gauntlet, Loco started quickly and immediately chose to take on the Sentinel. It managed to get past the Sentinel after a quick boost of speed, but then Dead Metal grabbed Loco in its pincers and tried to cut into Loco with its circular saw. Dead Metal then pushed Loco into the Pit of Oblivion, but Loco still managed to cover 10.4 metres placing it third on the leader board.

Loco scores the first goal

Next was the Trial stage which in this heat was Football. Loco drove towards the ball straight away, but was beaten by the much faster Cassius. However the House Robots then attacked Cassius which allowed Loco to take the ball and push it over the line sending it through to the Arena stage, the first robot to qualify for it.

Loco in battle with GroundHog

In the arena it met GroundHog, and was equipped with its spike weapon. Loco immediately charged and started to push GroundHog around. Loco then pushed GroundHog into the PPZ and Shunt landed a few axe blows to the top of GroundHog, which became pinned into the corner and was attacked by the House Robots until being pitted, sending Loco through to the Heat Final.

Loco is turned over by Cassius

Against Cassius in the Heat Final, Loco dodged Cassius's initial charge and Loco attempted to use its ram, but Cassius was too quick and Loco's weapon missed, then Cassius got underneath Loco and tried to flip it, but Loco landed on its wheels. However, Cassius then pushed Loco some more and eventually got underneath Loco again and managed to flip Loco onto its back, with Loco unable to self-right the House Robots attacked it, but Loco were saved from destruction by Cassius, who attacked all of the House Robots and Loco was left untouched for the remainder of the battle.


Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat H, Gauntlet 10.4m (3rd) Qualified
Heat H, Trial (Football) Scored 1st Goal (1st) Qualified
Heat H, Semi-Final vs. GroundHog Won
Heat H, Final vs. Cassius (5) Lost


Loco without armour

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

NOTE: Loco's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series Record[]

Series Loco Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat Final
The Third Wars Entered with Dundee
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter


  • Both Loco and Dundee, the team's other entry, were beaten by Cassius.