For the Series 9-10 attempted qualifier, see Loki (heavyweight).

Loki is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a lightweight class robot with a low dome-shaped body. Its weapons are a pair of lifting forks and it is armoured in polycarbonate. It cannot self-right.


Using LokiEdit

Loki does not have the best of weaponry, so your best bet is to go for the sides to attempt to flip it over. Stay away from destructive weapons or flippers when possible, as Loki cannot self-right and has relatively weak polycarbonate armour.

Against LokiEdit

It is very easy to push around Loki, due to its domed shape and low weight. Use a flipper to finish off Loki or utilize a powerful weapon to cleave away at the polycarbonate armour. If that fails, just ram it into hazards and walls, as Loki can be tipped over via ramming.

Loki Stats

Loki's stats

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