"Here's Major Damage - yes, you've guessed it. It causes major damage!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Major Damage is a super heavyweight competitor robot in the games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, undertaking similar guises in both appearances.

Arenas of DestructionEdit

In Arenas of Destruction, Major Damage's weapons are a lifting scoop and a hammer and it is armoured in titanium. It can only self-right if it lands on its hammer.


Using Major DamageEdit

Major Damage can prove to be quite a threat to other opponents, due to its fast and powerful weapon, speed and pushing power. An effective tactic is to push opponents with its scoop or flip them, or a simple full-on assault with the hammer. However, one must be careful of damage to the engine, as the petrol engine can burn out easily. Despite having a flipping weapon, Major Damage can only self-right if it lands on its hammer, so be cautious around flippers.

Against Major DamageEdit

It would be wise to take caution around Major Damage, as due to its speed, powerful weaponry and tough armour it is one of the more difficult competitor robots to defeat. However, Major Damage can only self-right if it lands on its hammer, so it can be easily defeated by flipping. Attacking the engine area is another effective tactic, as a petrol engine is relatively unreliable compared to a battery.

Major Damage Stats

Major Damage's stats in Arenas of Destruction.

Extreme DestructionEdit

In Extreme Destruction, Major Damage has just four wheels, the scoop is smaller and is static, it has a smaller hammer and the decorations are taken off fully.


Using Major DamageEdit

Major Damage has high torque and traction in comparison to other robots, so you can use this to your advantage, pushing from the sides into hazards. Be careful with flippers, though, as Major Damage can't self-right.

Against Major DamageEdit

The best thing to do against Major Damage is to attempt to go for the sides to attempt to flip the other robot over or damage the exposed wheels, though Major Damage is usually quick to get away. Avoid getting pushed from the sides, as this could mean a pitting.


  • Major Damage was also the name given to a House Robot constructed by John Findlay of Team Roaming Robots for Roaming Robots competitions after Robot Wars ended. When Roaming Robots adopted the Robot Wars name between 2013-16, Major Damage became the main house robot for the new Robot Wars live events.
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