For the Series 3 Robotic Soccer Competitor, see Malfunktion.
Razer malfuctions

YES: A malfunction in the weapon motor caused Razer to get beached, therefore eliminating it.

Malfunctions occur when one or many components fail accidentally inside the competitor, causing the robot to behave in a way that renders it unable to compete, usually either being stuck in one directional drive, stopping moving completely or being obstructed by the failure of weapons. This is not to be confused with a hostile immobilisation, where one or more components fail as a result of one or many attacks from an opponent, as opposed to as an act of random chance.



YES: Fluffy broke down in its Series 5 Heat Final without any assistance from its opponent, Pussycat.

Mute vs Behemoth

NO: Behemoth would not have malfunctioned in Series 7 if Mute had not landed on it.

An immobilisation can be considered to be by malfunction if there has been a random failure of one or more components. This cannot be as a direct result of something that has happened during the fight, such as an attack causing a robot to become stuck in forward drive, but may be considered a malfunction if it is as a result of damage caused during a fight, but does not manifest itself immediately.

Notable Occurences in the UK SeriesEdit

Series 1Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Dreadnaut Heat C, Semi-Final Having broken down yet still qualifying in both the Gauntlet and the Trial, Dreadnaut again broke down and billowed smoke during its semi-final match against Wedgehog.
Krayzee Tokyo Heat D, Trial Radio control problems, possibly caused by others on the same frequency, caused Krayzee Tokyo to jump the start and then crash at the first corner, eliminating it.
SAT'arn Heat D, Semi-Final Motors burned out.

Series 2Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Razer Heat D, Semi-Final
Pain Heat E, Gauntlet First robot to withdraw from the competition, after breaking down before its initial Gauntlet run and failing to move at all during its second attempt. Malfunctions caused by electrical and radio interference issues, as well as driveshaft damage caused while being moved before its re-run.
Spin Doctor Heat E, Semi-Final Stopped moving for unknown reasons, possibly radio control issues. Its opponent, Technophobic, also malfunctioned and caught fire, but Spin Doctor had already been eliminated.
The Parthian Shot Heat F, Gauntlet Failed to make the Gauntlet after breaking down on arrival to the studio, and was subsequently disqualified when the team could not repair it in time.
Onslaught Heat G, Final Failed to start.
Sting Heat H, Trial Both Sting and Wizard broke down during the Football trial, but as it had been immobile for longer, the judges eliminated Sting.
Doodlebug Middleweight Championship

Series 3Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Red Dragon Heat A, Round 1
Backstabber Heat C, Round 1
Razer Heat C, Round 2 Razer's crusher became stuck in the open position, lifting its wheels off the floor and leaving it stranded. Second malfunction in as many series.
Agent Orange Heat C, Round 2 Was left immobile on one side towards the end of the battle, but survived to a Judges' decision.
Vector Heat F, Round 1 An internal fire caused it to barely move in its only battle.
Haardvark Heat G, Round 1 Broke down with only seconds remaining in its fight against Henry.
The Witch Heat I, Round 1
Excaliber Heat J, Round 1
Overkill Heat J, Round 1
Atlas Heat L, Round 1
Panzer Heat L, Final Failed to start.
Plunderstorm Heat M, Round 1 Immobile on one side from the start; eventually broke down completely after a shove from Thermador.
Rattus Rattus Heat P, Round 2
Oblivion 2 Pinball
Stomp Walker Battles
Terror Australis World Championship, Round 1 Failed to start.

Series 4Edit

Robot Battle Notes
King B3 Heat A, Round 2 Lost right-hand drive after repeated attacks on Atomic.
Razer Heat B, Final Got stuck in forward gear, the third malfunction in three series.
Ming 2 Heat C, Round 2
Disc-O-Inferno Heat E, Round 1
Inverterbrat Heat F, Round 1 The robot's lifting weapon malfunctioned and lifted the wheels off the ground.
Warhog Heat G, Round 1 Immobilised itself after making several aggressive and damaging attacks on Dreadnaut XP-1.
Suicidal Tendencies 2 Heat H, Final Lost drives in left track. After Wheely Big Cheese accidentally pitted itself, Suicidal Tendencies 2 was ruled to be immobilised instead.
Killerhurtz Heat I, Round 2 Became stuck in forward drive.
Small Torque Heat I, Round 2 Failure of internal cooling system resulted in overheating.
Bigger Brother Heat J, Round 2 A pressure valve malfunction in the flipper resulted in Bigger Brother failing to self-right when flipped.

Extreme Series 1Edit

Robot Battle Notes
S.M.I.D.S.Y. Tag Team Terror, Round 1 Got stuck in forward drive.
King B Powerworks Tag Team Terror, Round 1 Was left spinning around on the spot after losing control; it and 101 subsequently lost the battle on a Judges' decision.
King B Powerworks Vengeance Lost control and went 'berserk' during its battle against 101; spinning around and constantly driving into the walls, angle grinders and Refbot.

Series 5Edit

Robot Battle Notes
General Carnage 2 Heat C, Round 2 Its removable link was dislodged by the recoil of its flipper.
Fluffy Heat L, Final

Series 6Edit

Robot Battle Notes
259 Heat E, Round 2 Broke down with only seconds remaining in its fight against Wild Thing.

Extreme Series 2Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Behemoth University Challenge, Round 1 A wire came loose in its power link, immobilising it.

Series 7Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Vader Heat A, Round 1
The Alien Heat D, Round 1 Aggressive attacks knocked out the robot's removable link.
Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit Heat E, Round 1 Aggressive attacks knocked out its own removable link.
Fluffy Heat F, Round 1 Motors burned out on one side.

Series 8Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Glitterbomb Heat 3, Group Battle A leaking part limited the axe's flow rate, with cold weather freezing the liquid CO2, powering it and preventing the axe from returning to its neutral position. This resulted in Glitterbomb being unable to self-right after it was flipped over by Dantomkia.
Sabretooth Heat 4, Group Battle The claw weapon was broken during repairs before the battle, leaving it unable to self-right when flipped by Eruption.

Series 9Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Expulsion Heat 3, Group Battle A failure with one of the motors meant that Expulsion could only move in circles when the battle began.
Aftershock Grand Final, Head-to-Head A drive chain broke 20 seconds before the end of its battle against Eruption, immobilising Aftershock completely.

Series 10Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Donald Thump Heat 1, Group Battle
Apocalypse Heat 1, Robot Redemption Immobilised by a combination of broken drive chains and melted wiring, resulting in Apocalypse being unable to move following a side-on slam from Sabretooth.[1]
Apex Heat 3, Robot Redemption Its bar spinner completely detached from the machine after hitting its own pulley system; this caused Apex to be thrown across the arena and become immobile.
Hobgoblin Heat 5, Group Battle
Push to Exit Heat 5, Robot Redemption
Coyote Heat 5, 3rd Place Playoff
Magnetar Grand Final, Robot Redemption Radio issues caused Magnetar's self-righting mechanism to become jammed, enabling Behemoth to flip and immobilise it.

Notable Occurrences in International SeriesEdit

US Season 1Edit

Robot Battle Notes
Close Enough Robot Rebellion, Round 1 Gas engine stalled out, leaving it unable to move.


Robot Battle Notes
Ninjitsu US Championship, Round 1 Battery to receiver came unplugged, leaving it without a connection.
Phantasm US Championship, Bonus Battle Motors burned out.

German SeriesEdit

Robot Battle Notes
Thorgrim Heat A, Round 1 Failed to move at all during its only battle.
Golem Heat A, Final


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