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"Would you bet your mortgage? Your car? Your pencil case, on that?"
Jonathan Pearce in Extreme 1

Mammoth was a walkerbot from Southend-on-Sea in Essex which entered two Middleweight Championships across both series of Robot Wars Extreme, although by definition, both of these Mammoth machines were Lightweight robots. The team also entered a featherweight version of Mammoth in Series 7.

Mammoth entered the Middleweight Championship of Extreme Series 1 as there was no Lightweight Championship for it to enter, while its entry into the Middleweight Championship of Extreme Series 2 was an error on the team's part, as they had listed their robot as a middleweight without realising it was eligible for the lightweight competition.

Mammoth also made prior and future appearances in different weight classes under the same name. The 46kg Mammoth entered the Walker Battles of Series 3, while the featherweight Mammoth entered Series 7.

Versions of MammothEdit

Mammoth (Extreme 1)Edit

Mammoth Extreme

Mammoth in Extreme 1

In Extreme Series 1, Mammoth was wedge-shaped and armed with an axe and rear saws, but it looked unstable and was poorly armoured. The legs consisted of two elongated strips of metal, somewhat like a shufflebot. The wedge shape was high off the ground, and a separate wedge was used to give the Mammoth the ability to get under other robots. Like most walkers, Mammoth was extremely slow.

Mammoth (Extreme 2)Edit


Mammoth in Extreme 2

In Extreme Series 2, it was four legged, more barrel-shaped and had more potent weapons (a 500mm rear saw and 300mm front cylinder cutter), but again looked unstable. It used a curved design on top, and featured hands and eyes. Mammoth's issue of extremely low speed was hardly amended in this series, still maintaining a very low top speed.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

"Good effort by Ian Burrell to make a walker!"
— Jonathan Pearce praises Ian Burrell's efforts

Extreme 1 was the only time where Ian Burrell competed alone, but he made a large stick man to join him in the control pod, to compensate. The Middleweight Championship in the first series of Extreme, was, like the previous ones, a straightforward melee of all of the contestants. In the melee, Mammoth was placed up against Zap of the Beef-Cake team, former champions Hard Cheese, the Edinburgh Air Cadets' Typhoon, Welsh participants Genesis and the first incarnation of Doom.

Typhoon Doom Mammoth

Mammoth and Doom sustain damage from Typhoon

In the battle, Mammoth slowly walked around the arena, trying to get into the action, without meeting any competition for a while. However, Typhoon eventually came in, after immobilising Genesis, and ripped one of Mammoth's legs clean off. The other leg of Mammoth was still working, but it couldn't gain any purchase on the arena floor, so Mammoth couldn't move at all. Typhoon then did more damage to Mammoth's shell, before Mammoth was then pushed away by Doom. Typhoon then lightly bumped into Doom, immobilising the latter too. Meanwhile, Zap, and then Hard Cheese, had both slowly ground to a halt. Genesis was eventually counted out by the Refbot, and was thrown by the arena floor flipper. Mammoth and Zap were then thrown by the arena floor flipper at the same time, and subsequently eliminated from the melee, without being counted out. Mammoth and Zap were quickly followed by both Hard Cheese and Doom, who were also thrown by the flipper (without being counted out by the Refbot), with Doom then sustaining severe damage from Matilda. The result was that Typhoon was the winner of the melee.

"The woolly mammoth has gone!"
— Jonathan Pearce, as Mammoth and Zap are flipped by the flipper

Extreme 2Edit

Philippa Forrester: "We've always seen you as quite a comedy robot, really...we've never really taken you seriously"
Ian Burrell: "You're quite wise!"
— The pre-first round interview

In the Extreme Series 2 Middleweight Championship, Mammoth was drawn up against 259, Doom Too and the Typhoon Twins in the heats.

259 vs Mammoth

Mammoth is flipped over by 259


Mammoth and Doom Two, positioned on the flipper

In the battle, Mammoth was almost immediately flipped over after 259 attacked Mammoth side on with its flywheel. Mammoth then took damage from Typhoon Thunder. Mammoth was then counted out by the Refbot, and put on the Arena Floor Flipper by Shunt, Doom Too was then put on the flipper just as it sprang into action sending both robots flying through the air, Shunt was also knocked sideways. Mammoth was righted as it landed, and tried to run away as the team celebrated it being the right way up. However, Mammoth was caught by Dead Metal, and Mammoth was cut into by Dead Metal's saw. Meanwhile, Typhoon Lightning had already been pushed into the pit by 259, and Doom Too had been pushed in as well by Shunt. Mammoth joined those two, as Dead Metal soon pushed it in as well. This was this Mammoth's last appearance on Robot Wars.

"How quickly can you run? Not quickly enough"
— Jonathan Pearce, as a righted Mammoth tries to flee from Dead Metal


Extreme Series 1
Single Battle Events
Middleweight Championship
Middleweight Championship vs. Doom, Genesis, Hard Cheese, Typhoon, Zap Lost
Extreme Series 2
Robot Rampage
Middleweight Championship, Round 1
Round 1 vs. 259, Doom Too, Typhoon Twins Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Team Mammoth also collected one draw in Series 3, and one further loss in Series 7, under different machines named Mammoth

Series RecordEdit

Mammoth mascot

Mammoth's mascot during Extreme 1

Main Series Mammoth Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Walker Battles with Mammoth
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Entered with Mammoth (Featherweight)
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Middleweight Championship
Series 2 Middleweight Championship, Round 1

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Mammoth in the Battery Sprint of Techno Games 2002
  • Mammoth in the Cycling of Techno Games 2002
  • Mammoth in the Swimming of Techno Games 2002

The Extreme 2 version of Mammoth was modified to also compete in Robot Wars' sister show Techno Games 2002. It competed in various events, including the Cycling (where it failed to start), the Swimming (where it broke down in the first round) and the Sprint. In the Sprint, after a lot of upsets including winning against future Techno Games sprint champion Bumble after it failed to just cross the finish line due to weak radio transmission, it actually managed to get runner-up, losing out to Team 101's Scuttle.


  • Of the fourteen walkerbots in Robot Wars history, this version of Mammoth was the only lightweight class walkerbot.
  • In 2015, Stuart Burrell of Team Mammoth was asked if the team ever planned to build a heavyweight robot.
"We did look into it but we could never get the weight class rules in our favour... we were always in the same weight group not one above (paper work issues)... the only time you see us on form was the Featherweight battle."
— Stuart Burrell on YouTube[1]
  • Mammoth is one of five robots to appear in both series of Extreme and not win a battle in either series. The others are Doom, Fluffy, Sumpthing and Velocirippa.


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