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This article is about the Series 3 version of Mammoth. For the team's machines in other weight classes, see Mammoth (disambiguation).

"He's got eight legs, removable armour, a 360 degree weapon system, which is guided by an ultrasonic range finder at the front."
— Ian Burrell introduces Mammoth

Mammoth was a robot which competed in the Walker Battles of Robot Wars: The Third Wars. It fought Anarachnid in its only battle, which was ultimately declared a draw. Mammoth was succeeded across various weight classes in both series of Robot Wars Extreme and Series 7 by other Mammoth entries of the same name.


"Legs are made from fence posts, the face is an automatic door opener, the lifting arm is a garden hoe, it took four-and-a-half weeks to build."
Jonathan Pearce lists what was used to produce Mammoth

Team Mammoth with Mammoth in Series 3

The Series 3 version of Mammoth was a box-shaped walkerbot, moving on eight legs, some of which were rounded at the base to resemble feet. Of all the Burrell family's Mammoth machines, this entry most heavily resembled a mammoth, as it was decorated with wool on top of a plastic bucket, referencing the woolly mammoth. The robot was painted red, and weighed 46kg, but it had no active weapon, armed only with two lengthy lines of metal at the front and back despite the mention of a lifting arm. Like most walkers in Series 3, Mammoth was extremely slow. According to the team, the robot was made of wood[1]

Weight Class[]

Mammoth's statistics board

Although the competitors in the Walker Battles of Series 3 would still fall under the same category regardless of total weight, Mammoth's actual weight class is unclear. This is because Mammoth's statistics board claims the machine weighs 46kg, while the weight limit for Middleweight competitors in Series 3 was 45.6kg at maximum. If this information is entirely accurate, then Mammoth would be classed as a heavyweight robot by being over the Middleweight limit by 0.4kg, although it is entirely possible that the team or the statistics board had rounded the robot's weight upwards. On top of this, plenty of robots in the main competition of Series 3 weighed more than the heavyweight limit (such as Behemoth weighing 82.0kg when the limit was 79.4kg), suggesting there is an element of leniency in the weight categorisation. As such, Mammoth can be considered either a Middleweight robot or a Heavyweight robot.

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

Mammoth fought in a Walker Battle in the Third Wars, which aired as part of Heat M. In its Walker battle, Mammoth was placed up against Anarachnid, a much heavier walker at 72.1kg.

Mammoth and Anarachnid slowly approach each other

Anarachnid makes contact with Mammoth and pushes it slightly

At the start of the battle, Anarachnid slowly moved across the arena, but Mammoth was unable to walk properly as the legs just flailed around. Mammoth was gradually turning sideways whilst Anarachnid approached it directly. Eventually, the two robots met and Anarachnid edged Mammoth towards the arena side wall. House robot Sgt. Bash then came in set Mammoth's hair on fire with its flamethrower, to the laughter of the team. At this stage of the battle, Mammoth was completely immobile, while Anarachnid was still mobile. Shunt then came in and axed straight through the top of Mammoth, lifting it into the air twice. Sgt. Bash then maintained a grip on Mammoth, setting it alight once again, while the House Robots also attacked and immobilised Anarachnid. Shunt's next axe blow crushed the top of Mammoth, and the House Robot pushed the beaten machine into a CPZ, axing it again as 'cease' was called.

"It was a woolly mammoth at one stage, now it's a balding minnow, really."
— Jonathan Pearce, describes Mammoth, at the end of the battle

Shunt's axe crushes the plastic top of the flaming Mammoth

Mammoth after the fight

However, despite Mammoth being immobilised near the beginning of the bout, Anarachnid's complete destruction later into the battle prompted the Judges to declare the battle a draw, in what would statistically prove to be Team Mammoth's greatest result in Robot Wars history.


Series 3
Walker Battles
Walker Battles vs. Anarachnid Draw


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 1

Series Record[]

Main Series Mammoth Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Walker Battles
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Featherweight Championship with Mammoth
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Middleweight Melee with Mammoth
Series 2 Middleweight Championship with Mammoth


  • Although this version of Mammoth never suffered an official loss, the Mammoth machines in other weight classes went on to bring three losses to Mammoth's name.