Manic Volcanic is a fictional competitor robot from the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It was a super heavyweight class robot that was tracked and had a high cuboid-shaped body. Its weapons are a flamethrower, a circular saw and a pair of small spikes and it is armoured in steel. It cannot self-right and costs 7300 credits to buy.


Using Manic VolcanicEdit

Manic Volcanic has good pushing power, so you can try and push robots into the CPZ's while you attempt to break the armour with the flamethrower. If that goes, then you can use the saw instead. Avoid flippers however, as Manic Volcanic cannot self-right.

Against Manic VolcanicEdit

As Manic Volcanic is protected from the front and rear, it makes sense to attack the sides, and try to use a flipper, as Manic Volcanic cannot self-right.

Manic Volcanic stats

Manic Volcanic's stats

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