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Marco Bellavia is an Milan-born actor who presented the Italian dub of Series 3 of Robot Wars - the first series to be aired on Italian television. He was succeeded by Andrea Lucchetta after this series for unknown reasons.

Robot Wars[]

For the dub of The Third Wars, Bellavia would present in place of Craig Charles, wearing a simple t-shirt with the Robot Wars logo on the front, and a black jacket over it. Confusingly however, the series was often referred to as the first series.

Much unlike successor Andrea Lucchetta or Swedish presenter Micke Dubois, Bellavia did not take on any other roles within the show, so was only seen at the very start and end of each episode.[1]

Outside Robot Wars[]

As an actor, Bellavia has played several parts in Italian television, such as television series Cristina and L'incredibile Debbi. He is however arguably best known for his involvement in the afternoon series Bim Bum Bam, which ran on Italian television between 1981 and 2002.[2]