Mars Attacks is a fictional competitor robot in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a flat disc shaped robot armed with a flame rifle and a triple spike for weapons. It is armoured in Kevlar. Mars Attacks is pretty slow, and can be flipped easily due to the triple spike jutting out at the front. It cannot self-right. Also, because of the fact that it wields a flamethrower, Mars Attacks is not permitted to enter any tournament in the TV studio in Competition Mode.

Mars Attacks' name probably comes from the science-fiction comedy film of the same name.


Using Mars AttacksEdit

Mars Attacks is slow, and pushing power is compromised due to the body shape and triple spike. However the flame rifle is a powerful weapon, and can cause damage to any armour after a bit of time. Mars Attacks itself is armoured in Kevlar, the best armour in the game, and in contrast to the other console game, Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, is very resilient to flames, and many other attacks for that matter. Avoid flippers, as Mars Attacks has no srimech.

Against Mars AttacksEdit

Mars Attacks has the best armour in the game, so even destructive weapons will struggle to get through its shell. The best tactic to beat Mars Attacks is to flip it over, using the triple spike as chocks, whilst trying to avoid the flame rifle weapon. Mars Attacks is also vulnerable to pushing attacks, so releasing the pit, and then trying to push Mars Attacks from the sides into the pit is another viable tactic.

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