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Mat Irvine is a technical consultant and Visual Effects designer, and fulfilled this role on the TV show Robot Wars before later being known for his position as one of the Judges.

Robot Wars[]

Mat Irvine was one of three pioneers of Robot Wars that helped the series get off the ground, giving Irvine direct relation to every series. From Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars onwards, Irvine became a judge, determining the outcome of many battles. He also appeared in Robot Wars Revealed as a technical consultant, providing insights into the heat finalists of each accompanying episode of Series 2.

In 2013, Mat Irvine stated in an interview with Stephen McCulla that Robot Wars had 'come to its natural end' after Series 7, and stated that a comeback would be unlikely.[1] When Robot Wars did make its return for a new series in 2016, Mat Irvine had no involvement with this or any of the three reboot seasons.

Outside Robot Wars[]

K9 Mark IV, created by Mat Irvine

Irvine also helped as a technical consultant in spin-off of Robot Wars, BBC's Techno Games.

Irvine's most famous creation is the famous robotic dog, K9, from the TV series Doctor Who, creating the new model for spin off The Sarah Jane Adventures. Irvine claims to be the 'only one who knows how his insides work.'

In addition, Irvine has also penned twelve books, co-writing and being consulted for several more. He also works designing exhibitions, presenting videos, model making, and has written articles, for prominent model-making magazines.


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