The Matilda Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. It was based off the Series 4 (and prior) edition of Matilda, evident by the chainsaw tail. Unlike the pullback toy, this rear weapon is not interchangeable for her Extreme 1 flywheel.

Features[edit | edit source]

Front view of the Matilda minibot

Unlike many of the first generation of minibots, Matilda does have an active weapon. While the rear chainsaw is static, the front tusks do move up and down, although the freedom of movement is limited.

Considering the size of the toy, the overall detail is highly accurate to the toy's real life counterpart. Much of the intricate moulding has been replicated well and the weaponry has also been moulded properly. The outer wheels of the toy are superficial and do not drive the toy. On the underside, the toy is powered by a small pullback motor. This is a common theme among many of the minibot toys.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Matilda in its three-pack

Matilda in its five-pack

As part of the original wave of minibot toys, the Matilda minibot was released in a three-pack with Shunt and Pussycat, as well as in a two-pack with Hypno-Disc and a five-pack alongside Shunt, Panic Attack, Chaos 2 and Dead Metal.

The number of different releases including a Matilda minibot makes this toy one of the more common in the range, like most House Robots.

Differences to the real robot[edit | edit source]

Rear view of the Matilda minibot. Note the purple wheel hubs

The real Matilda in Series 4

While the moulding is highly accurate to the Series 1-4 incarnation of Matilda, there are several inaccuracies with colouring. For example, the spines on the top of this toy are gold when they were closer to silver on the real machine. As well as this, the wheel hubs are the same colour purple as the bodywork, but were grey in real life. It is uncertain why these parts of the toy were wrongly coloured, however this was universal across all Matilda minibot toys. The front weapon is also moulded in such a way that the individual tusks are less prominent than they should be. Instead, the tusks form one piece of metal around halfway up the mould, which is inaccurate to the real machine.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Matilda and Refbot minibots are the only House Robot minibots to become somewhat 'out of date' within the show's original lifespan, with both House Robots gaining noticeable changes in Series 5, while the remaining House Robots remained visually identical until the end of Series 7.
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