"A metallic machine of mayhem based on the fearsome house robot known as Matilda. Build this warrior with real metal parts or use the customised extras to create a new robot of your own."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Matilda Pitstop Kit contained a model of the Robot Wars House Robot Matilda, which could be constructed from various interchangeable parts.


Alternate Matilda

Matilda with all the alternate body parts

The set is a pullback model of Matilda with an interchangeable diagonal-mounted disc, a rear mounted axe and two alternate side panels. The disc could be wound up using one's finger and released to make it spin. To fit the disc, you need to take Matilda apart at the front and remove the tusks. The hornhead slips down be, then in order to fit the axeback, Matilda must be taken apart. When the axe is fitted, the spikes that are normally on her back must be removed. Matilda's axe is like X-Terminator 2's, in that it needs to be pulled down for it to fire. Like the pullback version, the Pitstop version's tusks are powered by the lever above the two horns.

It was intended for parts from the Sgt. Bash Pitstop toy to be usable on Matilda, although Sgt. Bash's Pitstop toy was not put into production. The back of the packaging for the Matilda Pitstop even advertises the unreleased Sgt. Bash Pitstop.

Item ListEdit

  • The front of the Matilda Pitstop box
  • Matilda with all extra pieces
  • All the pieces in the box
  • The instructions sheet
  • One combination of how the pieces can be arranged
  • The advert on the back for the (never released) Sergeant Bash pitstop
  • Official photo of the Matilda Pitstop
  • Matilda body right x1
  • Matilda body left x1
  • Rear disc x1
  • Tusks x1
  • Small wheel x1
  • Motor x1
  • Backspike right x1
  • Backspite left x1
  • Matilda left side x1
  • Matilda right side x1
  • Hornhead x1
  • Axeback x1
  • Spikespide right x1
  • Spikeside left x1
  • Long screws x6
  • Short screws x1
  • Spinning disc x1



  • The Matilda Pitstop Kit was not the last constructible Matilda toy to be released, with the Matilda Construction Set also being released in 2019.


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