"Hit her switch and Matilda will flip all of the other replica robots with her 6cm tusks. Approx 15cm from tusk to tail-saw, Matilda comes with interchangeable chainsaw and circular saw. Each can be fitted to the back of Matilda for maximum impact and maximum damage. Flick the switch at the front of Matilda and she is well capable of overturning all of the other toy robots - a highly effective weapon for mayhem battles. Her six gold horns surrounding the tusks are a formidable aid to ramming, battering and general all out attack!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The pullback toy of the House Robot Matilda was based on its real life counterpart, and was released as part of the first wave of pullback toys.


"Matilda is the speediest of all the pull-back robots. Aerodynamic and sleek, she powers through the rest, leaving a trail of carnage in her wake. Matilda also comes with a revolving car-door obstacle challenge. Standing over 16cm tall and 15cm wide, the two miniature car doors click into their outer struts to form a free-standing gate. Pull Matilda back and set her charging towards the gate - 25 points for a clean hit. See the gate revolve as Matilda speeds through, then set her off again and try to get as many points as possible in the few minutes that robots are allowed in the real assault course challenge. A solid and compact design, combined with the tough rubber wheels and reliable pull-back motor makes Matilda a deadly and destructive miniature of one of the most popular house robots. Flippin' excellent!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop

Matilda's flywheel and chainsaw weapons were interchangeable, although the chainsaw worked more like a lever when moved manually, and the flywheel wasn't powered and is stiff. This can be solved by simply loosening the screws exposed on the right side. Matilda's tusks were operated by a lever, with upward and downward movement caused by pulling it back and releasing it. On some versions this lever was painted the same purple as her bodywork, while on others it was left gold like the tusks themselves.

There was also a limited edition silver Matilda that was the same robot but was completely silver. This version did not come with any accessories.

Matilda is one of three pullbacks to have a Pitstop version.


  • The Matilda pullback with chainsaw
  • The Matilda pullback with her flywheel.
  • Matilda with the car doors.
  • The Matilda pullback in its box
  • A silver Matilda in her box.
  • A silver Matilda out her box with her flywheel.
  • The standard Matilda pullback, compared to the silver model.

Included with the Matilda pullback was the revolving car door, similar to the one used in the Pinball events in Series 3 and 4.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • Matilda's tusks don't reach the floor when completely down, making it difficult to get underneath other pullbacks. This is due to the third wheel in the front.
  • Both the chainsaw and flywheel are mounted too low down in the body shell when compared to the real machine.
  • The eyes are solid and purple instead of clear to represent the lights used in them.


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