Matilda in Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction

Matilda, the Matriarch of Mayhem, was a house robot designed to resemble a mutant alien boar, armed with lifting tusks, and a chainsaw tail later replaced by a flywheel. Matilda appears in Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction in addition to the other four Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and Armament Edit

Matilda and the other four House Robots made their third video game appearance during this game. Matilda and the other robots look a lot more detailed than in the last game for handheld consoles, Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem. Matilda is certainly more accurate than in the previous handheld game, the body has become overall better proportioned, and this time both the tusks and the chainsaw work. This game is based around Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, so Matilda had no major improvements from the Third Wars, the setting for Metal Mayhem, but the two robots are almost completely different.

Matilda is this time positioned in the bottom-right CPZ, a change from Metal Mayhem, where she was stationed in the top-right. Like the previous handheld game, the House Robots turn to face other robots as they pass them.

Differences between the Game and Real LifeEdit

  • Matilda's proportions are shorter and rounder than in real life.
  • The tusks are smaller than in real life, but are still effective at flipping.
  • The chainsaw is shorter than on the real machine, and quickly flicks up and down as it attacks rather than coming down slowly.
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