"Matilda is hungry; is she going to get a bite to eat?"
— In-game quote from Jonathan Pearce

Matilda was one of the original four House Robots from the robot combat game show Robot Wars. She was modelled on a purple prehistoric dinosaur, initially armed with a set of pneumatic lifting tusks to flip competitor robots over, and a rear-mounted chainsaw. The chainsaw was replaced with a vertical flywheel in Matilda's later appearances - starting with Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 - although she continued to use her chainsaw in the North American versions Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars as an interchangeable weapon.

Matilda is one of five House Robots to appear in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction; the second of her appearances in all five video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Matilda in action

Matilda in action

Matilda makes an appearance in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction along with the other four early House Robots. Matilda is found in the top left CPZ, and her in-game counterpart is relatively faithful to her real life form. Her colour scheme is correct, and her weapons are depicted accurately. One of the few differences is that Matilda's chainsaw does not lift up and down to come in on the attack, like it did in real life.

Matilda rarely strays from her CPZ, and only does when a robot is fully immobile. Like the other House Robots, despite not having a srimech or a rollover design, Matilda will almost always land on her wheels when flipped.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • Matilda's chainsaw does not lift up and down in the game, unlike she did in real life when she came in on the attack.
  • Matilda can use her lifting tusks and body shape to self right, making her very difficult to defeat through flipping like the other House Robots
Matilda Stats AOD

Matilda's stats in Arenas of Destruction

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