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"Maximum Torque, Maximum Destruction!"
— The team's introduction

Maximum Torque was a robot that entered Series 1 of Dutch Robot Wars having lost both its battles.


"This hammer was designed by our top engineer, and it’s extremely destructive, nothing can stand against it. It can flip a little, it’s built upon the same principle as our opponent, it has a lot of traction and thrust. It’s in the name, maximal torque and maximal destruction!"
— The team describe Maximum Torque's weapon (translated from Dutch)

Maximum Torque in the losers' melee

Maximum Torque is an invertible robot with a long and narrow wedge shape. Its weapon was a built-in hammer, similar in design to Anorakaphobia, but the team rarely opted to use this fairly slow weapon in battle, with the robot instead relying on its potent wedge and high top speed. Maximum Torque was reasonably well-driven, but its lack of damage output, exposed wheels and thin armour proved costly in its battles.

Robot History[]

Series 1[]

Bridget Maasland: "Will they saw through your wheels?"
Team Maximum Torque: "They won’t even reach the wheels!"
Bridget Maasland: "How come? What will you do to prevent that?"
Team Maximum Torque: "Just now we were secretly measuring, and we checked how big that disc is, and we calculated that the edges on ours will just push them away, and we have a very powerful hammer, it weighs 20kg, so we’ll just beat that disc to rubble."
— Pre-battle tactics from the Maximum Torque team (translated from Dutch

In the first round of Heat C, Maximum Torque was drawn against Botwork.

Maximum Torque, about to be pitted

Maximum Torque put up a strong show, wedging underneath it and slamming it against the wall. It continued ramming Botwork and getting underneath it, but the tide of the battle turned when Botwork forced it into Matilda's CPZ. Matilda clipped Maximum Torque with her flywheel, tearing up one of the robot's sides and immobilising it. After being counted out, Maximum Torque was placed on the floor flipper and thrown, before being pushed down the pit.

"Maximum Torque is maximum dead!"
Eric Corton summing up the result of the battle

In the losers' melee, Meshuggah had to drop out, leaving Maximum Torque with only one opponent, Pika 2.

Bridget Maasland: "Meshuggah isn’t joining, and it seems you guys don’t mind that one bit, because it was a very strong one!"
Team Maximum Torque: "Meshuggah had a very dangerous weapon, but it wouldn’t have worked anyway because it was broken."
Bridget Maasland: "There was really barely anything left of [Maximum Torque], huh?"
Team Maximum Torque: "It was totally snipped in two."
Bridget Maasland: "Will the hammer work this time around?"
Team Maximum Torque: "The hammer has been restored and it works again!"
Bridget Maasland: "So you’ll be able to handle… Pika 1.5 just fine?"
Team Maximum Torque: "We’ll try to make Pika 1.5 as small as possible."
— Interview before the Losers' melee, jokingly referring to Pika 2 as "Pika 1.5" (translated from Dutch)

Pika 2 pushes Maximum Torque

Maximum Torque was unable to get underneath Pika 2, and spent most of the match being wedged underneath and taking damage from Pika 2's flywheel. It tried to use its hammer, but the weapon was not strong enough to do any damage. One of Maximum Torque's wheels stopped working when it was near the CPZ, and gradually edged towards the pit, almost driving in, later revealed to be an intentional move to avoid taking damage from the House Robots. Eventually, Pika 2 nudged it in, and Maximum Torque was eliminated.

Rob Kamphues: "You said earlier that you were going to be careful and drive it into the pit if you sensed danger, but you actually did that? Man, you’re a coward! (turns to other team member) What has he done?"
Maximum Torque team: "He had to end it there. He lost steering."
Rob Kamphues: "For real?"
Maximum Torque team: "For real. he fought till the end, well, for as far as I allowed it, because I paid for it!"
— Post-match interview with the eliminated Maximum Torque team (translated from Dutch)


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heats, Round 1
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Botwork Lost
Heat C, Losers Melee vs. Pika 2, Meshuggah Lost
NOTE: Before the battle had started, technical problems forced Meshuggah out of the competition, leaving Maximum Torque and Pika 2 to fight alone.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

Dutch Series Maximum Torque Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 1
Series 2 Did not enter


"I think team Maximum Torque are more afraid of their own robot [than Botwork], because when they tested it at home, it went up into the sky all of a sudden!"
— Eric Corton (translated from Dutch)
  • According to Eric Corton's commentary, Maximum Torque launched itself up into the air during testing.
  • Maximum Torque made a cameo appearance in the Swedish dub of Series 4, Heat P, where it was briefly seen in The Pits at the start of an interview with Team Blue, along with Botwork.[1]