Not to be confused with the Series 6 and 7 competitor Brutus Maximus.

"Legions of support for this one, they say!"
Jonathan Pearce

Maximus was a wedge-shaped robot that fought exclusively in the New Blood Championship of Extreme 2. It did not show its full potential as it had weak drive motors and was eliminated in the second round by Roobarb.

Maximus was constructed by students at St John's Comprehensive School, a technology college. The team started designing the robot in February 2001[1], with construction of the robot beginning in May[2].


Max design

The design sketch for Maximus

Maximus ran a Roman theme with its design, and could drive at 15mph, armed with a spinning disc and a front-hinged lifter (referred to as a 'flipper' on its statistics board) that become a front 'shield' when locked into position. The team claimed the disc to be three times as powerful as Hypno-Disc's, spinning at a reported maximum of 18000rpm, which would have made it the fastest spinning weapon in Robot Wars if true.


Maximus was named after "Maximus Decimus Meridius", the main character in the film Gladiator. [3]


Maximus S5

Maximus at the time of Series 5

Maximus was originally intended to enter Series 5, and successfully qualified for the series. However, the team were forced to withdraw from the competition after the pneumatic equipment in the robot was revealed to be incapable of withstanding the gas pressures intended for use in Maximus.

"We receive notification to appear at Elstree studios on August 24th! We get ready to go, to face the foes ... But wait!! We are let down at the last possible minute when we are kindly informed that the pneumatic equipment we have been sold will not be able to withstand the gas pressures that we intend to use. This is despite our specifying the intended pressure from the very start. Deciding that the equipment is unsafe for use, we decide not to go ahead, and postpone the project. (The fact that the equipment was unsafe was later confirmed by an independent company who were amazed by what had happened) We fully intend to continue with the project, using a different supplier and will spend the next 11 months preparing for the 2002 local qualifying events."
— Team Gladiator website on withdrawing from Series 5 [4]
Maximus drfist terrorturtle 6thqualifiers

Maximus in the pits during the Sixth Wars qualifiers

Due to a change in rules in 2002 regarding which pneumatic bottles could be used, the team were forced to give Maximus a major rebuild, and the robot was only fully completed the day before the qualifiers.

"The latest rules from Mentorn stated that, for safety reasons, only three types of CO2 bottle would be acceptable as part of a pneumatic system in 2002. Unfortunately for us, none of the three specified bottles could possibly fit within our chassis. Gee, thanks! So an alternative (and rapid) redesign was required in the remaining weeks before qualifying."
— Team Gladiator Website [5]
Team in costumemaximus

Maximus and its team at the Sixth Wars Qualifiers

At the qualifiers, it fought Dantomkia, Destruct-A-Bubble and Iron-Awe 2, but lost after being flipped by Dantomkia. While Dantomkia went on to win the battle, only Iron-Awe 2 received a discretionary place to qualify, meaning that Maximus failed to qualify for Series 6[6]. Instead, Maximus entered the New Blood Championship in the second series of Extreme.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 2Edit

"They've come, they've seen, will they conquer?"
— Jonathan Pearce
Mr Nasty vs Maximus vs Niterider

Maximus is slammed by Mr Nasty

Maximus faced Mr Nasty and Niterider in its first battle. From the off, Maximus was caught by Mr Nasty and shoved around the arena onto the arena side wall. Mr Nasty shoved it several more times, activating the pit in the process, before shoving it onto the flame pit. Refbot then examined Maximus, who wasn't moving, but its flipper still was, so Refbot moved over to the immobile Niterider and counted it out. While the House Robots attacked Niterider, Mr Nasty pitted the now fully immobile Maximus, but both were through.


Roobarb flips Maximus


Maximus is stranded

Next, Maximus faced Roobarb. Roobarb began by lifting Maximus and tipping it over. Maximus tried to self-right but was only able to do so with Roobarb's help, balancing on its own flipper. Roobarb then flipped it again, this time onto its side, before trying to flip it out of the arena, but was only able to right it. Maximus drove into a CPZ, was attacked by the House Robots, and immobilised. Shunt put the fallen robot onto the Drop Zone, which dropped a cooker onto Maximus. Mr. Psycho finished the battle with a blow from his hammer.

"You're new kids on the block, that was more like new kids on the chopping block!"
— Craig Charles, to the Maximus team


Extreme 2
New Blood Championship
Heat, Semi-Final
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Mr Nasty, Niterider Qualified
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Roobarb Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

  • A prototype for Maximus, early in construction
  • Maximus without its armour during construction
  • Maximus before being painted
  • Maximus with the flipper raised, during construction
  • Maximus after its battle with Mr Nasty
  • Maximus (background) after losing its Sixth Wars qualifier
  • Decimus during construction. Note Maximus on display in the background
Main Series Maximus Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Withdrew
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 New Blood Championship, Round 2

Outside Robot WarsEdit

MaxDec on bench

Maximus and Decimus on display at a school open evening

After its appearance on Robot Wars, Maximus was placed on the wall at St John's school, occasionally being taken down for static display at school open evenings and other events.


Front view of Decimus

The team also built a second robot called Decimus, which was a rectangular, invertible, four-wheeled robot armed with two horizontal spinning discs. Work on the robot originally began in September 2002, but the project was put on hold when Maximus was asked to compete in Extreme 2. Decimus was not finished in time for Series 7, with the last known update dating back to December 2003, so Decimus was never entered into Robot Wars[7].


  • Other names considered for Maximus included Gladiator, Matador, They Think It's All Over (It Is Now), Dave Blister, Maximus Destructicus and Spark-At-Us.[8]
  • During the construction of Maximus, the team got technical advice from Brian Fountain and Shane Howard of Team Mace.[9]


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