The Mega Morg Minibot was one of the second generation of Minibots toys released as merchandise. As with several other second generation minibots, Mega Morg was not made into a Pullback.

This toy is based on the Extreme 1 version of the robot as "The Morgue" and "Mini Morg" were entered into Series 4, and Series 5 and Extreme 2 respectively. The "Mega Morg" name would not be used again until Series 7.

Features Edit


Front view of the toy, flipper down


Front view of the toy, flipper up

Like several other toys in the minibot range, Mega Morg features a working weapon. The toy is powered by a small pullback mechanism on its underside. This toy has been designed in such a way that the front plate can be properly raised and lowered, simulating more of a lifting weapon than a flipping weapon, which is accurate to the real robot. The sloped, checker-plate front has been replicated well, giving this part of the toy a textured appearance. The top, rear and side decals are also represented on the minibot toy, as well as the single rear spike.

Notably, the height of the minibot's flipper when fully extended is higher than the walls of the Minibot Battle Arena, making Mega Morg capable of flipping other toys out of the arena when used for that purpose.

Releases Edit


Mega Morg in its three-pack

As part of the second wave of Minibot toys, Mega Morg was exclusively released in a three-pack with Wheely Big Cheese and Suicidal Tendencies.

Due to the fact Wheely Big Cheese and Suicidal Tendencies were packaged in with later releases of the Minibot Battle Arena, while Mega Morg was not, the Mega Morg minibot quickly became one of the rarest minibot toys in the range.

Differences to the real robot Edit

MegaMorg Extreme

The real Mega Morg robot

The Mega Morg minibot is highly accurate to the real machine, but is not without subtle differences.

  • The toy with its flipper raised
  • Side view of the toy, flipper down
  • Side view of the toy, flipper open
  • Rear view of the toy
  • The underside of the minibot

The front lifting plate of the minibot has four grey prongs to get underneath other toys, which are coloured grey - these prongs, as well as the trio of spikes higher up on the weapon, are black on the real machine. The prongs are also connected in the middle to create two, H-shaped forks on the front of the real robot though this is not replicated properly on the minibot toy.

Whereas the Extreme 1 version of Mega Morg often comically sported a picture of Anne Robinson's face on the lifting plate, this is understandably not present on the minibot.


  • The MORG team noted with some humour that, despite the BBC's insistence of no advertising, the toy carries the chain logo that refers to their main sponsor.
  • Mega Morg one of only three minibots to never be released in any packs other than its original three-pack, alongside Wild Thing and Plunderbird.
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