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"Meggamouse boasts a powerful hardened steel flipper, as well as four-wheel drive, and a small - but deadly - wedge of cheese!"
Angela Scanlon

Meggamouse was a robot which competed in Series 9 of Robot Wars. Although it was entered by live circuit veterans Team Tilly on the show, the robot was built by Trevor Wright, who still owns the robot, and designed it as the successor to Series 7 Heat Finalist Mighty Mouse. Meggamouse was less successful on television, falling in the first round to the eventual champion Carbide.


"Meggamouse has aluminium armour and four wheel drive. At 100kg, the team worry its weight might factor against them in a fight!"
Jonathan Pearce

Official shot of Meggamouse in Series 9

Like its predecessor Mighty Mouse, Meggamouse was built for speed, although now running on a four-wheel drive, with two exposed tyres at the back alongside its central primary wheels. It was one of the smallest robots in the series, with its longest side only measuring 80cm. The robot’s appearance takes on the head of a mouse, including a nose on its weapon, a full-pressure flipper. The flipper, which retracted using bungee cords and could lift 300kg, functioned as the robot’s self-righting mechanism, although Meggamouse generally rolled over when flipped.

"Meggamouse has 6mm aluminium armour, which is an effective defence against all weapon types. It also has a zero turning circle and can reach a top speed of 15mph."
Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot

Meggamouse on the turntable

Meggamouse in the pits

Its high speed came at the cost of armour, as the robot was coated in 6mm aluminium, with only the flipper being constructed from 4mm HARDOX. Meggamouse was comparatively lightweight at 96kg individually, and its rear wheels were exposed. This allowed the robot to briefly drive on its back end, but presented a weakness to spinners. The true drive wheels were the two small wheels in front of the large rear wheels at the back and the two small wheels at the front. The chassis of Meggamouse was that of the second Velocirippa, making it almost twelve years old in Series 9.

Meggamouse in the arena. Note the smaller central wheels

"Its minibot, called Charles, is designed to get far underneath opponents to get their wheels off the floor."
— Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot

Charles the minibot wedge

Meggamouse was accompanied by an invertible minibot called Charles, which was wedge-shaped in design, resembling Swiss cheese. It intended to trap other robots for Meggamouse to then attack, or to serve as a distraction. Charles weighs 9kg.

The Team[]

Main article: Team Tilly

Team Mouse with their robots

Meggamouse was entered into Series 9 by Team Mouse, known outside of the show as Team Tilly. The captain and driver of Meggamouse was 20-year old Shane Lale, with girlfriend Sophie Clarkson driving the minibot Charles. Shane's parents Peter and Jackie Lale complete the team, with Peter Lale being the team's electrical expert.

Although Team Tilly are established roboteers in their own right, Meggamouse itself was built by Team Outlaw.


Meggamouse first applied for Series 8 under Team Tilly, but was not selected to compete. The team were more successful with their application for Series 9, with Meggamouse being selected as a reserve. It then joined the main competition following the withdrawal of another machine. Team Tilly then attempted to enter Series 10 with a brand-new machine, Dizzy Tilly.

Robot History[]

Series 9[]

Team Mouse enter the arena

Meggamouse competed in Heat 5, where it faced a tough draw against the destructive bar spinner of the previous series' runner-up, Carbide, alongside fellow newcomers Crackers 'n' Smash and Trolley Rage. In the pits, Meggamouse and Charles were surrounded by replica wedges of swiss cheese, which the team pretended to eat in their hero shot.

Dara Ó Briain: "See, on some level, I have a problem with this. The attempt to make a killing robot look cute."
Shane Lale: "It looks cute, but it can pack a punch"
— Team Mouse on their robot's design

Meggamouse is trapped by the arena spikes

When 'activate' sounded, Meggamouse targeted the lighter half of the clusterbot, Crackers, bumping it onto the flame pit where the green robot became stuck. Meggamouse's own clusterbot, Charles was instantly immobilised by the first blow it sustained from Carbide. Meggamouse closed in on Carbide while it was attacking Charles, but missed, and became trapped between the arena spikes.

Meggamouse mistimes its flip

After this, Meggamouse used the tactics that its predecessor Mighty Mouse relied upon, and avoided the combat, only engaging in light contact with Crackers and the immobile Trolley Rage. Meggamouse aimed for the arena tyre, and the pit descended. It attempted to flip Crackers, but could not get underneath it, and missed with its attack. Finally, Meggamouse summoned up the courage to attack Carbide, but flipped too early and turned itself over. Although it quickly self-righted, this gave Carbide the opening to close in and shatter Meggamouse's wheel.

"Oh goodness me, the Meggamouse wheel was simply lifted into space! Go on, back into your hole, Meggamouse!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Meggamouse's wheel is ripped apart by Carbide

Meggamouse was still functional internally, and it span in circles, firing its flipper, but as it could not move beyond the space of its own circumference due to the drive for the robot's big and small wheels on its right being shattered by the force of Carbide's blade. Meggamouse was deemed immobile, and it was counted out, while Smash also pushed the long-beaten Charles into the pit. Meggamouse was eliminated from the competition in the first round, alongside Trolley Rage.

Angela Scanlon: "Could you have done anything differently, do you think?"
Shane Lale: "Try and stay out of these guys' way!"
— Team Mouse regret challenging Carbide


Series 9
Series 9 - UK Championship
Round 1
Heat 5, Group Battle vs. Carbide, Crackers 'n' Smash, Trolley Rage Eliminated


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Meggamouse in the pits, decorated with cheese wedges

Series Meggamouse Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Not selected
Series 9 Heat, Round 1
Series 10 Not selected with Dizzy Tilly

NOTE: This Series Record reflects the participation of Team Tilly. The original builder of Meggamouse, Trevor Wright, competed in Robot Wars with Velocirippa, Mighty Mouse and Ironside3.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Meggamouse at a live event

Meggamouse was built in late 2008 as successor of Mighty Mouse while also retaining the same chassis and drive from Velocirippa, it enjoyed good levels of success reaching the finals of the UK Championships in 2009 & 2010. In 2012, Meggamouse placed fourth overall in the Roaming Robots Winter Tour, which was won overall by Ripper.

Away from the Robot Wars live events, Meggamouse also competes at Robots Live! events. In the UK Championship in 2016, Meggamouse threw Ka-Pow! out of the arena to win its first-round battle.

At the first Robots Live! event of 2017 in Burgess Hill, Meggamouse made it all the way to the final, where it was finally thrown out of the arena by Eruption. It reached this stage after initially losing to Gabriel alongside Heavy Metal and Puck, but was reinstated, and defeated Weird Alice in the semi-final by flipping it onto the arena wall.

At Extreme Robots in Manchester, 2017, Meggamouse was in attendance and fought alongside Iron Heart 88, but otherwise only made limited appearances. In Guildford, it fought Atom, Dozer, Behemoth and Saint, where it survived until a head-to-head scenario with Behemoth despite having low levels of gas, but eventually it could not self-right when flipped.

Meggamouse made an appearance at the Robots Live! Stevenage event in September 2018, competing for the UK title. There, it fought in the FRA UK Championship, but lost both its first-round battle to Rapid and its 'redemption' battle to defending FRA champion Manta. Meggamouse also fought in a whiteboard battle against Puck and King of Bots competitor Vulcan, which it lost after getting immobilised and pitted by the latter. It also fought for the UK title at Stevenage in 2019, but was immobilised by a strong hit from Nuts, eliminating it in the first round.

Following a three-year hiatus, Meggamouse resumed its live events campaign at the May 2022 Extreme Robots Portsmouth event, where it was one of four robots to compete for the main heavyweight championship. Having defeated Tectonic to reach the final, it settled for the runner-up spot against Ripper which was crowned the inaugural Extreme Robots heavyweight champion.[1] Meggamouse also competed at the Robots Live! Stoke-on-Trent event two months later, again finishing the main competition runner-up to Tectonic.[2]

For more information on Team Tilly's excursions aside from Meggamouse, see here.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

Meggamouse’s profile at the Robot Wars live events

Meggamouse competed in the first live event of the new Robot Wars at Barnsley in February 2013. Meggamouse has been a regular competitor at live events since, albeit with limited success outside of Tag Team matches.

Meggamouse participated in the Robot Wars World Championship 2015 in Colchester, where it fought Iron-Awe 7, Nuts, and Weird mAlice. Meggamouse started well, repeatedly flipping Nuts while Iron-Awe 7 threw Weird mAlice out of the arena, but unfortunately, Meggamouse drove into the pit and eliminated itself in the first round.

Meggamouse made its 2016 debut at the first show in Manchester, where it outlasted Kill-E-Crank-E, which pitted itself, but Meggamouse was pitted by Crushtacean after a close match. At the Guildford event in June, Meggamouse achieved its personal best, placing third at the event, which was won by Ripper. Along the way, Meggamouse defeated Beast, threw Stinger out of the arena, and won against Behemoth in the third-place play-off to earn this title.


  • Meggamouse was one of only three robots in Series 9 that didn't have clips from a VT shown in their introduction. The others were Apex and Rusty, fellow reserves.

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